Thank The Running Gods

Today was a typical Saturday: sleep in, make some pancakes and coffee, clean/laundry, read and hang out until the temperature has come down enough to go for a run. 

I got impatient today and set out on the road around 4:15 (the hottest part of the day in Charleston).  It really wasn’t bad out at all and even rained (surprise, surprise) from mile 2-4.  Overall, any time I was in the shade the heat felt like a non-issue.  The run was an 8 mile marathon pace run.  If you have followed this blog for any amount of time, you know I struggle with these and always end up going way too fast.  No change there today, but I felt amazing, the entire run.  Well until around mile 6.21. 

At this point I had gone through town, around the battery, through the citadel and was covering the final stretch through Hampton Park before turning toward home.  The park is an ~1 mile loop on the outside with a driving lane and a huge biking and running lane; on the very inside there is dirt on the shoulder.  I always opt for the dirt part when I run through here just to give my legs a break.  I was feeling amazing and just trotting along when BAM, I rolled my ankle worse that I think I ever had before. 

I tried to take another step and actually screamed in pain.  I sat down right in the dirt and almost started crying, not from pain but from finally breaking my 6 year running streak without having an injury that would take me out of the game (knock on wood).  I fiercely slammed the home button on my iPhone and started punched in Casey’s number to come get me.  Then while dialing, as if by a pure miracle, I twisted my ankle around and something popped, loudly.  More importantly, it didn’t hurt anymore.  I shut down my phone and took a few steps, no pain.  So I turned my music back on and resumed running and was able to pick back up to my prior pace. 

I made it home, though my ankle definitely felt weird.  Not painful, just off.  I iced it and I just keep looking down at it expecting it to catch up with me, all swollen and purple and ominous.  But so far, I have a normal looking ankle that works like a healthy ankle that just feels a little funny.  I will be taping it up before I head out for my long run tomorrow to not tempt fate.  Until then I will be praising the running gods with every thing I have!   Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

I Just Love It

Today’s run was hill intervals on the bridge x5.  I always dread this run for like two days leading up to it, then today while I was warming up I realize that in the whole run I only had to really “work” for less than 4 minutes if I really work hard during those 4 minutes.  Seriously, I get worried about working hard for 4 minutes….gotta love a new perspective.

For my run today, I tuned into the Pandora Station “Pop and Hip Hop Workout.”  I love a good upbeat station when I am trying to really pick up the pace.  On my fourth rep, a song came on that I would never have listened to if it wasn’t such a pain to try to change it mid interval.  So crazy approach, I decided to ride it out and listened to the words.  I absolutely LOVE what the song had to say.

Obviously there are a few lines I don’t like that “skinny hate” because that isn’t cool either.  But my very favorite line which needs to be plastered on every young girl’s mirror is:

“If you got beauty beauty, just raise ’em up
Cause every inch of you is perfect
From the bottom to the top”



If I Wasn’t A Grown Up Before…

Today started with my walk with scar, which ended with both of us sopping wet. The rain the past few days in this town has been insane.  It actually only rained for about 5 minutes this morning, it just happened that we were outside for those 5 minutes.  Scar loved it though so totally worth it!

The rest of the day was fairly normal, a little longer than regular since I had to do a hospital orientation all morning it got me behind with my patients but that’s okay.  Just means I won’t feel bad leaving a little early another day.

When I got home, I decided that I could no longer put off enrolling for my benefits and retirement (seriously) and all that.  It is very crazy to think about retirement at the ripe age of 24 but…I had no idea how involved this was going to be, I figured it would be a 10 minute call but it took about an hour.  I got a lot of pre-run stretching done in the process.  I am glad it is done and I officially, 100% feel like a grown up now with health insurance, vision, dental and even a 401k.  What is happening to me?!  As crazy as it makes me feel, it just makes me feel that I am getting things done and really getting started with my adult life.

Other than that, just a normal night at our house: easy run, make dinner, clean kitchen, do some reading.  Another Monday in the books.  Hope you guys had a great one.

Cut Off From The World

So I have been MIA because our internet was out for a few days.  During the work week I didn’t notice much, but over the weekend there were so many things I would go to do and wouldn’t be able to…huge bummer.

The only really exciting thing that has happened in the past few days was Casey’s birthday Thursday!!  I absolutely love birthdays, and love his birthday even more.

Casey was lucky enough to be able to take the day off and go to the beach with his friends all day while I went to work.  I had a rough day and was glad to leave and have something wonderful to celebrate that night to get my mind off of it.  I ran around town and got a last minute gift for him: Hendrick’s Gin, Small Batch Tonic (made in Charleston), regular tonic and Cucumbers so that we could have some celebratory drinks before heading for dinner.

IMG_1784I would not usually drink gin, and definitely not gin and tonic but this small batch tonic (the bottle on the left) called Jack Rudy is AMAZING.  This is definitely going to be a new go to if I am not feeling a glass of wine.  The drink is: 2 oz of gin, 0.75 oz small batch tonic, 4 oz

I headed out to get a quick tempo run in as soon as I got home.  It was soooo hot because I didn’t have time to wait until late like I usually do but I really needed it after my day.  It was perfect to put all of my negative energy into that run and get it out so I could be totally present and happy the rest of the night.  Thank god for running!

I sipped on one of those delicious masterpieces while I got ready and it was delicious.  Seriously, if you don’t like gin and tonic, try this bad boy out and I promise you will like it.  It is the perfect summer drink: sweet, cool and refreshing.

We finally got to go to a restaurant that has been on our list for about 3 years now: FIG (Food Is Good).  The food was amazing, the server was fantastic and we had a wonderful time.  Plus it was a double celebration because the friends we went with just bought their first house the Sunday before!!

IMG_1785After dinner we popped into the Charleston Place Hotel where I had left my car to get a few pictures.

Just your good old cell service bars

Just your good old cell service bars


Great candid from Lindsey!

Great candid from Lindsey!

Once we finally made it to the car we headed home to have some of the cake that I made for Casey.  This year I made a vanilla cake with blueberries, cream cheese frosting and blueberry preserves in the middle layer.  I think it may have topped the coconut cake from Clay’s birthday in Asheville.

IMG_1783IMG_1792I was so stuffed after having cake and I was exhausted so I dropped Casey off to keep celebrating with his friends before heading to bed.  I wanted to go too but it was a long day, busy day and I desperately needed a decent night’s sleep before working Friday.

Other than that, it has been a weekend as usual to include a pace run yesterday in the flood and a long run today in the pouring rain.  It made for a challenging running environment but at least it wasn’t hot!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Take Advantage of Your Life

This weekend was a rare occasion where Casey went out of town without me.  He went to a concert in Atlanta and I wasn’t sure what my work situation was going to be when we were deciding if I could go or not.  So that meant after dropping him off Saturday, I was on my own.

I went straight home and hit the road for my 7 mile run which was amazing.  I truly enjoyed all of it, at 1:30 in the afternoon on August 2nd!  The weather was “crappy” all weekend by everyone elses’ standards but it was idyllic for a runner!  It rained off and on the whole time and it felt incredible.

When I got home, I jumped in the shower, then on my bike to head downtown and do some tax free shopping!!

IMG_1775I went shopping for two things: Casey’s birthday and navy tee shirts for me to wear to work.  Casey made out like a bandit.  Quicksilver was doing 2 shirts, shorts, flip flops and sandals for $99.  Considering the shorts I was going to get him were $65 alone I just went for the whole shebang.  I can’t even believe that was a real thing, I save $154 on what I got him.  He made out way better than I did, no navy tees for me.  What a simple thing to not be able to find.

When I got home, I spent some time sitting on the porch reading my book and letting the dogs run outside in between the rain.  I watched our friends dog yesterday and today it is always good when Scar and Cho get some time outside.


IMG_1779Eventually I came in to make a dinner that Casey wouldn’t appreciate: a HUGE plate of shrimp with Rice, Quinoa, Red Lentils and Barley and Asparagus.  It was delicious and that rice mix was amazing.

IMG_1778Today held a lot of the same, except my 14 miler and some yoga.  I was so worried about this run after last week being such a disaster.  I was getting really nervous if I was just super out of shape and if my fall marathon may not happen this year.  Before I headed out I spent 20 minutes doing some deep stretch yoga.  Thank goodness I can say that my concerns were quelled after a flawless 14 miler.  I went over the bridge into old mount pleasant, out to pitt street pier (where there were sooooo many people out) and did a loop on back home.  It went so well.  Again it was cloudy and misty and about 80 degrees, night and day compared to last week.

Once I got home and showered I ran out to do some errands and came home to do the final piece of my Casey-is-out-of-town-weekend: cleaning, baking and laundry.  I took some of the cookies I made to meet the new neighbors (August 1st is the move in date around Charleston so we literally have 25 new neighbors).

Trail Mix Cookies

Trail Mix Cookies

These turned out way better than I anticipated so I will have to get the recipe added!

So I would say I definitely took advantage of my life and my weekend alone.  It was wonderful, and it still isn’t over.  The rest of the night I am trying to finish this book I am reading, it is amazing.  Review to come.

Hope you had a great weekend and great long run as well!


This morning started bright and early because I had to get my run in before work today.  As difficult as dragging myself out at 6am is, running in the 95 degree heat and humidity is 10x harder.  When I get it done I am always glad for it the rest of the day.

After a reasonably productive day at work I headed home to hang out for a few minutes before going to sushi happy hour as a going away party for the PT that is leaving.  It is crazy that I only met her last Tuesday, it feels so much longer and I was sad to see her go.  It also means I am truly the lead PT starting tomorrow.  CRAZY!

Once I biked my way home from dinner I felt motivated to get some much needed cleaning done in our house.  The living room and downstairs bathroom were really hurting for it.  The silly thing is that the whole ordeal only took 30 minutes and I am a much happier camper.   I have been trying out a cleaning “schedule” this week and I think it is really something I will benefit from.

Monday- Kitchen; Tuesday- Up Stair Bathroom; Wednesday- Downstairs Bathroom; Thursday- Living Room; Friday- Bed Room; Saturday- Laundry; Sunday- Fridge Clean.

We will see how well I can keep up with it but so far it’s been great, only spending 15-20 minutes each day while keeping everything pretty manageable.

Once my cleaning chores were finished, I went out on the porch to enjoy some time reading my book.  It is called We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.  I am about 65% finished with it (gotta love the kindle) and am curious to see where it is going.  My mom read it in about a day and really liked it, said the ending was quite a surprise.  She actually found it because it was likened to Gone Girl which I loved.

IMG_1773Hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am.  Off to watch an episode of House of Cards with Casey before hitting the hay.


Today was as productive of a day as you can hope for.  I got to work early and got to leave early, a great perk of my job.  Once all the patients are seen, you are out of there!  I headed to the farmers market and got a TON of great stuff and the lady even gave me my own basket to keep and use every week because I come to them every time.

I headed home, put my stuff away and hung out for a bit, letting the temperature drop before heading for a run.  The humidity was like night and day difference yesterday to today.  I barely made it through three miles yesterday afternoon and felt pathetic but today’s tempo run went fantastic.  It’s incredible what being able to breathe can do for you!

View during my warm up

View during my warm up

After getting back and showering quickly Casey and I jetted out to meet some friends for burger night at our favorite place, The Craftsman.  I insisted on riding bikes and Casey really wasn’t feeling it, he wanted to drive.  I got on my high horse about the benefits of living down town and not being lazy, on and on.  We weren’t a half mile from the house before Casey’s chain came off his bike.  Then right when we paid the check it started pouring rain.  Then on the way home, my chain came off my bike.  All the while Casey is looking at me with his, “na, na, na, na, boo, boo. I told you so” face.  Needless to say, next time I want to bike anywhere over a mile away I’m going to lose the battle.

Veggie burger at dinner.  First thing I have had at the Craftsman I have been less than impressed with.

Veggie burger at dinner. First thing I have had at the Craftsman I have been less than impressed with.

Otherwise it was a great dinner.  I had such a great time catching up with MB and Cassie while the boys talked football of course.  But now I am pooped and I have to run before work tomorrow because we are going to dinner for the PT that I am replacing’s going away dinner.  Bed time for this girl!!

First Day as a Grown Up PT

I can’t believe I can actually say this finally, but today was my first day being a real life PT!

I got up early enough to take Scarlett for a stroll before getting ready for my day.  It was a beautiful morning and a great temperature.  Such a fantastic start to a big day (and I think Scar thought she won the lottery getting to go out so early)!

Once I got to work, I handed in some obligatory paper work and got right started following the girl that I am going to be replacing.  It was a crazy day.  We saw 13 patients with 4 evals, and for people that don’t do PT, that is A LOT!!  11 patients is a good day without that many evals.  The day flew by (so fast I didn’t even take the obligatory first day in my scrubs picture).  I will try to get one of those tomorrow.

It was so incredible to have so much time to do things after getting done working.  I was so used to having to study for hours when the day was done and only finishing in time to run and do it all over again the next day.

After the day was done, I went over to the farmer’s market on the way home since we missed it on Saturday.  I had time to come home and hang out with Casey for a little before heading out to do my hill intervals.  We even had time to ride bikes across town and have some dinner with our friends Steve and Nicole.  Nicole actually had her first day as a nursing assistant today so we had a lot to talk about (and drink to).

IMG_1762 The good thing is that I am actually excited to go back and fend for myself tomorrow, with 6 of my very own patients!!  Cheers to day number 2!

Surprise in Asheville

This past weekend was our friend Clay’s 30th birthday!!  I had to be super secretive before because it was a surprise.

Clay and Lindsey went up on Thursday and spent a day there alone.  Friday morning/afternoon the six of us picked up a rental car and ventured toward the house.  He had NO idea.  The girls of course hoped out of the car and rushed the door furiously knocking and you could tell he was absolutely clueless.

The house was incredible.  It was like a grown up tree house.  We all had our own huge rooms, there was two big living areas and double decks with a hot tub to top it all off.

Gazebo on the back deck

Gazebo on the back deck

Back yard

Back yard

The first night the we all went out for a nice dinner to kick off the celebration in downtown Asheville.

The girls

The girls

Of course we couldn't get even one where all the boys were looking.  Even at 30 there is no chance for that!

Of course we couldn’t get even one where all the boys were looking. Even at 30 there is no chance for that!

When we got home from dinner we dove into some triple layer coconut cake that I made for Clay (per request).  It was actually really good, and I don’t even like coconut cake.

IMG_1740IMG_1748We had such a great night just hanging out, having a few drinks and playing Cards Against Humanity (A party game for horrible people).  Once we were worn out from that we all decided that the hot tub was essential but we couldn’t get it to heat up fast enough.  The boys had the brilliant plan to heat water over the stove and pour it in.  From the gazebo outside you could see into the kitchen and all the girls were sitting out there discussing how ridiculous this idea was and boy did we take that back.  It worked like a charm!  We were at a balmy 101 by the time they were done.

IMG_1746After a very late night Friday, we woke up pretty late; like 11:00 late.  I haven’t done that in sooooo long.  Our room had no windows so it was like a dungeon.  We could have slept forever if the smell of coffee didn’t call to me from the kitchen.  Once we all got moving we headed out to get some breakfast and do some shopping.

We went to Tupelo Honey Cafe for brunch and it was amazing but the pancake I got totally owned me.  I barely ate 1/3 of it and I was soooo full!

Sweet potato pancake with granola

Sweet potato pancake with granola

Bloody Mary the guys got.  It had shrimp, lemons, oranges, peppers, okra, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery and I am sure I forgot a few things.  It was pretty much a meal in itself.

Bloody Mary the guys got. It had shrimp, lemons, oranges, peppers, okra, tomatoes, asparagus, cucumbers, celery and I am sure I forgot a few things. It was pretty much a meal in itself.

After putting myself in a sufficient food coma, I was ready to walk around and shop with the girls.  The boys headed off to a bar.  Really the perfect scenario.


My new shoes for work.  Are they not the cutest things ever?!

My new shoes for work. Are they not the cutest things ever?!  Plus the shoes were buy one, get one for a penny so I got a great pair of Tom’s wedges!

When the boys finally ran us out of the stores, we headed back to the house and I headed for a run.  I felt like garbage after eating such a decadent breakfast and drinking the night before and I knew a run could help that situation out.  The run was tough because I had to pretty much go straight down hill for the first half and come straight up at the end.  The elevation was tough but made for a beautiful and very different run.  Plus I felt like a whole new woman when I was done.  The curative powers of a run!

We had all intentions of going back out for some dinner but we were having such a great time hanging out at the house that we just decided to stay there and order food in.  It was so great to get some good quality time in with everyone, especially having time to just sit around with the girls.  And the best thing, we didn’t have a TV on or a computer for two and a half days.  I didn’t even have my kindle.  It was so refreshing.

Sunday morning we had to check out of the house by 10 so we went back downtown to get some breakfast before heading out.

Awesome coffee shop in a Double Decker Bus (called Double D's)

Awesome coffee shop in a Double Decker Bus (called Double D’s)

It was such an amazing trip with the best friends.  Such a good thing to do after being bummed about leaving home.  It reminded how much I have here in Charleston too after being reminded how much I miss from home.

Today was my last day of freedom which means tomorrow is the big first day!!  (Side note: after all this time, I got two calls for interviews today.  When it rains it pours I guess.)  I am so sure I will have a ton to report tomorrow!




Last Day At Home: Blissful

Yesterday was my last day at home and it was so incredibly bitter sweet.  I had the most amazing day hanging out with my family and catching up with so many old friends.

We started the day meeting my grandma for lunch/brunch.  I didn’t have breakfast before and I have to start my day with breakfast food no matter what so I got a delicious baked oatmeal with fresh strawberries and milk and a side of scrapple (a home town favorite; you don’t want to know what is in it, I promise).

IMG_1692Post meal we decided to share a few desserts and I got this ridiculously decadent chocolate caramel tart.  I didn’t even make it half way through the thing, it was so rich.

IMG_1693Once we made it home from lunch we headed right out on our big bike ride.  The trail that I always ran on from my home to Rehoboth Beach was made into a loop so you don’t have to go out and back.  It is brand new and was one of my only things I knew I really wanted to do while I was home.  The ride was somewhere between 18 and 19 miles and it was amazing.

My little brother at the start

My little brother at the start

Mom, showing off

Mom, showing off

Lady walking her Macaw?!

Lady walking her Macaw?!


The very first beach I ever lifeguarded on!

The very first beach I ever life guarded on!


One of the old bunkers that used to be part of the military base, now our state park.

One of the old bunkers that used to be part of the military base, now our state park.

Watch Tower

Watch Tower

Back through Lewes at the end

Back through Lewes at the end

My favorite road!

My favorite road!


Mom's first selfie!

Mom’s first selfie!

After our bike ride I went out for my tempo run.  I thought I was going to crash and burn after such a long ride but I ended up doing great; my best tempo run yet actually!  I must have been perfectly warmed up.

I race home, showered and we headed out for half price sandwich night at Arenas with my family where I had the California Club Dude (turkey, tomato, avocado, jack cheese and sprouts).

IMG_1725And if that wasn’t enough I finished up the night by going to meet my friend Ryan first at the Dogfish Head restaurant for a drink and to catch up and then out to the Starboard to see Laura Lea.  Man It took me back to the amazing summers on the beach patrol.  Not much has changed.  The faces are different (though many of the same) but the energy and excitement hasn’t been altered one bit!

Laura Lea

Laura Lea

New band member, he was so great!  We approve!

New band member, he was so great! We approve!

Super blurry picture of Ry and I!

Super blurry picture of Ry and I! (and Jordan photo bombing)

To say I paid for it today having 3 hours of sleep after that jam packed day and having to travel super early is an understatement but I had the most amazing day.  I wish I could just do it all over again a few more times.

But now I am back in Charleston, baking late into the night to get ready to leave on one quick little final adventure before starting working.  You’ll be hearing from me from yet another state tomorrow!!  Man all this fun is making me tired!