What I Ate Wednesday: Just Done Finals Edition

It’s done, over, finito, caput!!  I am officially a third year PT student!!

I took my last final and got all of my grades back and absolutely nailed EVERY SINGLE ONE!!  I am seriously on a cloud of joy that nothing could bring me down from.  That being said, there was a lot of celebratory eating today so it looks a little rough healthy wise.  But let me tell you, every bite was totally worth it!!

Breakfast (I started out good):

Overnight Oats: Peanut Butter and Banana and Coffee

Overnight Oats: Peanut Butter and Banana and Coffee

The mug had the right vibe for the morning!!

Aerial view of the oats

Aerial view of the oats

This is one of my favorite breakfast that I had kinda forgotten about recently.  It keeps me so full for so long.  I found this recipe online and love it.  Click here for various recipes.

I went and took my last final (Neurological Rehab, doesn’t that sound fun) and felt soooo good about it when I was done.  A group of people from my class headed to this awesome restaurant in Folly Beach called The Lost Dog Cafe.  I went decked out in summer gear (bathing suit, beach chair, towel, book), determined to head to the beach after eating, despite the 65 degree temperatures.  That part of the plan failed but my lunch was amazing!

Eggs Benedict with a Shrimp cake and a Crab cake on and English Muffin with Asparagus and fruit salad!

Eggs Benedict with a Shrimp cake and a Crab cake on and English Muffin with Asparagus and fruit salad!

After going home and allowing all of this to settle I went for a run and did the same circuit from PB Fingers that I did the other day.  It is awesome, kicks my butt, and makes me sweat like a pig.  My run flew by too, I had only planned to do less than a 4 miler because of the circuit but I ended up almost hitting 5.  I love runs like that!

Post Run Snack:

2013-05-01 20.55.15

I showered, got myself ready and then headed to the free clinic for the night.  I had two fantastic patients.  One just learning to use a prosthetic limb and the smile on his face after walking without a walker melted my heart and helped me realize all the hard work I put in studying each day will make it worth it some day soon.  Added bonus, I get to work with the same two patients next week!!  It is so great being able to actually follow patients (which is hard in our free clinic) week to week and actually see all of their progress first hand.

Anyway, off on a tangent.  After that it was late and Casey didn’t feel like eating, and I felt like celebrating such a wonderful day so we ate out again (whoops).  We went to a place called Co that has Thai Style food and I got my fav, Pad Thai with Chicken and Shrimp.

Glass of red of course!

Glass of red of course!



I ate the whole thing with chop sticks too which is a huge accomplishment in my world!

I sincerely hope that you had half as good of day as I had because even that would be incredible.  Nothing like seeing hard work pay off!!

Give tomorrow your all, it will make you feel amazing later!!


happy dog

So that is pretty much me right now!  I am done my finals, just completed my take home final to be turned in tomorrow and am officially on my first break since May!!  I’m going to read books, knit, bake (since I haven’t done that in what seems like forever now), clean my house and oh yeah…RUN!

I played major musical work outs this week so here is the new Tuesday-Thursday.

Today (Tuesday): 10 miles with 8 at MP (8:12); originally scheduled for thursday

Tomorrow: 9 miles easy (5 with lululemon group) originally schedule for today

Thursday: swim (originally wednesday)

I wanted to make sure I got my run at pace in and the group run is very variable in pace so I wanted to have my easy run fall on that day.  I am so excited to run with them again.  I haven’t be able to go since before Thanksgiving!!

work out

I went and ran on the treadmill again today so I could closely monitor my pace but I should have recognized last week as the fluke that it was.  It wasn’t a bad run, but I most certainly didn’t enjoy it like I did last week.  I just need to wake up and face the music…I’m am outside runner, thats all the is to it!  Wind, rain, snow (as much as they suck), they will always be superior to the treadmill for me!

P.S. woke up pretty sore from that PBfingers circuit I did yesterday…that thing is no joke and I didn’t even do it all the way!

Monday Blues

Combine a regular Monday with two final exams and the promise of more studying to next day and I’m pretty sure anyone would get the Monday Blues.

My first one was at 10 and it wasn’t terribly difficult so I was done by 10:30 and decided I could get my run in before my next exam at 2.  I needed some time to not think about school and if I just hung out at home waiting for the next exam I would have been miserable.  I stretch, went for a run and did PBfingers 10-6 circuit.  Check that blog out by the way, she is awesome and is actually where I got inspired to start.

PBfingers circuit

PBfingers circuit

I only did 10-8 because I was slightly pressed for time and didn’t want to be in a rush trying to shower and have lunch and have a little time to review for my next test.

By the time I got out of the shower, my first exam grades were available (talk about instant gratification) and it went great so I was newly motivated keep chugging.  The second one didn’t go quite as great, it was pretty hard but its over and done with now.

So the rest of the night I am studying for my last final and by 10 o’clock tomorrow the only thing that stands between me and my break will be finishing up my take home pharmacology final which I am more than half way done.  I am in the home stretch!!

I Get Scarlett for Christmas!!

Fairly average Sunday for me, sat around all day and watched football.  I did spend a good bit of time studying unfortunately, but it will all be over soon.  Three more days!!

Two days ago, my mom called me and told me she wanted me to bring the puppy home for Christmas.  I hadn’t thought this was going to be an option, so I hadn’t broached the topic with Casey yet.  We decided to bet on the Eagles game today.  I was pretty sure I was making a mistake since we hadn’t won a game in two months.  Even down to the very end, with :02 seconds to go we were down by 5 and by some grace of god we had a touchdown pass to win the game.  Now, with about 4 minutes left I started whining to Casey that even if I lost I wanted her which I felt bad about, but I would have respected the bet had I lost (even if it was accompanied by some whining, haha).

Scarlett just hanging out in her leaf pile!

Scarlett just hanging out in her leaf pile!

So I get to take this girl home with me in a little over a week…my brothers are through the roof.  My youngest brother Ben (a die hard Raven’s fan) rooted for the Eagles for this first time in his life today.

Casey concocted some awesome chili.  I threw some fat free mexican cheese and fat free sour cream in the mix and topped it with some corn bread.  Fairly healthy without the corn bread, but hey, there is a reason I ran 20 miles yesterday…

2012-12-09 18.29.36

This was a purely Casey production so I don’t have the recipe sadly.  When I asked him he laughed at me, he just pretty much starts throwing things in the crock pot and calls it a day.  But if it works, it works!

Hope everyone had a great Sunday, prayers appreciated for my two finals tomorrow!

Finals Lockdown

2012-12-07 13.00.24

This is where I have spent almost my whole day.  With two finals Monday and one Tuesday and a take home final due Wednesday, this is probably where I will spend the next few days.  Thank god for pandora’s christmas stations to keep me in good spirits!

All the sitting around prompted to me have a healthy lunch.  I love egg sandwiches (good protein and carbs) and usually I do it simple: eggs, salt, pepper, 2% american on wheat toast.  Today though I decided to cook up some spinach and tomatoes to add to the mix.

2012-12-07 14.31.22

I mixed the eggs, spices, some feta cheese right into that pan and threw it on some bread with a slice of cheese on top.  I added some carrots and hummus to round out the meal.

2012-12-07 14.37.51

After being well satiated I was able to get a few more hours of work done and then took Scarlett to the park again.  She did great today.  There was only one other dog there today and she was much more willing to play when she wasn’t so outnumbered.

When we got home, I headed to yoga which was a much needed activity today.  After so many hours of studying my mind needed the hour of rest.  I feel so stretched out and refreshed and ready to tackle this 20 miler tomorrow.

I was pretty hungry when I got home, so I whipped up another smoothie.

Vanilla Light n' Fit yogurt, chia seeds, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, skim milk

Vanilla Light n’ Fit yogurt, chia seeds, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, skim milk

If I end up using spinach in my dinner too I may just turn in to Popeye.


Good luck to all those with long runs tomorrow!!

Having a Puppy

Next time someone asks me how to lose weight, I’m going to tell them to go get a puppy.  I probably walked 3 miles (this is not an exaggeration at all) that I wouldn’t have walked today taking her out and getting her energy out.

We took a ride in the car…

2012-12-05 10.21.05

Her ears are already starting to stand up!  Later we went to the park for like three hours and made all sorts of new friends.  She loves being outside and just being out there she is so much calmer and better behaved.

2012-12-05 14.27.05

She even let me finish my final paper for my research class and start studying for my imaging final which was way more than I had hoped for.  So all in all we had a fun and productive day!

I had planned to make it to the running group tonight but it is my friend Lindsey’s birthday today so we are going to dinner at Pearlz (yummy seafood!!).  Today was supposed to be a rest or swim day anyway and after my intervals yesterday my legs appreciated the rest.  I missed the group but I know it will be better for my legs to just wait and go tomorrow.

Off today dinner…happy hump day!