Book Review: Fall of Giants

Fall of giantsIf you are in search of a new book to read, this one is FANTASTIC.  It took me a little over a month to read but was totally worth it!

This book is the first in the Century Trilogy.  The Second is Called Winter of the World and the third is Edge of Eternity (not released until next fall).

The story follows various families from all over the world through the first world war.  Each character’s tale is woven together seamlessly with the next in such a masterful way.  The writing is remarkable and gives such a vivid depiction of what occured.  The best part, I ACTUALLY know what happened in World War I now.  For those of you that are good with the details don’t judge me but I feel like World War II was much more emphasized in school and I had a much better grasp on the events.  That being said, I can’t wait to dive in to the second one that is about WWII.

Side Note: The Book Thief which I read last year is being made into a move coming out November 8th.  It looks fantastic and I enjoyed the books so much, I just hope it does justice to the novel.

For now I am tackling Allegiant, the last of the Divergent series and I am devouring it.  So good!!  Though if you are like me I recommend brushing up on what happened at the end of the second one (Insurgent) so you are up to speed because it starts right in on the action!