Another Great Book: Divergent

Quite a while ago, a friend of mine recommended The Hunger Games to me.  Two chapters into the first one I texted her and said “This is strange, why did you make me read this?”  Two chapters after that, I promptly apologized.

If you share my love of The Hunger Games Triology, I highly recommend Divergent.


This book is very Hunger Games-esque but you don’t have to worry about a repeat of the same story.  It has a very different plot line but with all of the action that makes it relevant for all readers!

Best part?  Well, I always think its the best part but then I am usually disappointed… it is going to be made into a movie coming out March 2014.  Until then, I have already put Insurgent (the second in the series) on hold at my library and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival!