Boat Cruise: 1 Alex: 0

We have just arrived at our hotel (actually a really awesome bed and breakfast) for the big wedding weekend and I thought this would be a great time to catch up on last night before we are on the run again for the rehersal dinner.

After a long day of running around getting everything done before we had to leave we finally boarded the ship at 7:30.  I apologize now for the blurry photos.  I had a smudge on my lens all night that I didn’t know about until it was over.  Whoops!

Blurry picture of our boat!

Blurry picture of our boat!  

Once we boarded, we got a drink and took a bunch of pictures (as all girls do).


Most of the girls from my class!

Most of the girls from my class!


After many pictures (I will spare you) we headed to the bottom deck of the boat to get dinner and check out the silent auction items.  There was a ton of great stuff and although we didn’t win any, it inspired us to make a plan to Bottles and Brushes next week after our big OSCE exam.  Basically you bring a bottle of wine and they walk you through painting a picture.  They always turn out super awesome.

Anyway, post dinner it was all dancing the rest of the night!  There are 228 pictures from the evening and let me tell you there are some true treasures in there!




So much love!!  I have just recently started to feel a little sentimental about leaving school.  Up until now I was just purely excited about it but there are a few people I am really really going to miss!

Once the boat docked, we went to Henry’s and had a few more drinks but mostly just did a lot more dancing!! It was a fabulous night to say the very least.  I will leave you with this gem of me rocking out!


Gotta hurry and get ready for rehearsal.  More fun life recaps to come!!  Happy Friday!