Back For Good

Casey and I had a wonderful time on our trip to Florida. We visited Disney one day and spent the other days hanging out at the pool and playing cash bingo (no winnings for us though). We had such a great time relaxing and just spending some time together after being separated so long.

The Magic Kingdom was amazing as ever, though Casey was slightly disappointed by it. He had never been before so I think it was a bit over hyped for him. We were able to ride all of the big rides without lines any longer than 30-45 minutes which was great.

Mayer of Disney

Mayor of Disney

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

It's a Small World (of course)

It’s a Small World (of course)



After riding front row of Splash Mountain

After riding front row of Splash Mountain

Afternoon treat

Afternoon treat

IMG_0122Tuesday night, after our awesome day of Disney, I found out that I PASSED MY BOARDS while we were at House of Blues in Downtown Disney. It was such an amazing relief. Only graduation left and the license will be mine (that sounded evil in my head haha).

Downtown Disney and the Disney Boardwalk were absolutely amazing. We had really great food and an excellent time just walking around, having a drink, enjoying the beautiful weather.  There were so many bands playing, the prices were actually normal which was shocking and we even ended up running in to my aunt and uncle down there by coincidence and hanging out with them two nights.

Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney

Love things made from legos

Love things made from legos


Disney Boardwalk

Disney Boardwalk (had some of the best pancakes of my life there, Blueberry granola!)

It was wonderful to get away but it is even more wonderful to be home, especially with my sweet puppy girl sitting on the couch next to me!

My workout week was less than stellar with a few miles on my feet whenever I could fit them in while we were gone:

Running: 22.72 miles

I have a new goal to start for the next 6 weeks that I got from a Runner’s World article I read recently.  That begins tomorrow!

Hope you have all been well!


Crossroads of My Life

Well, I am getting dangerously close to the crossroads of my life.  With my inservice presentation tomorrow, Boston only one week away now and boards 16 days from now each moment in my mind is fairly unstable.  I can go from feeling totally normal like any other day, to getting so nervous I feel like I may throw up.  Earlier this week I actually did make myself throw up (sorry for the details) getting so freaked out.

I finally feel like I have mellowed myself out after a successful weekend studying, winding down my training and spending some time doing yoga to settle my mind (and any linger aches in my body).  I even did some baking today to really be true to myself.

I found this on pinterest last night, (late at night) while I was trying to calm my mind before going to bed.  I felt like it is so true of my life now, and always really.

Run It OffIn other news, my GPS thought I needed a confidence boost during my 6 mile tempo run yesterday.IMG_1220Not only am I going to run Boston next week, I’m going to win and set a world record apparently!  As much as I want to believe you Garmin, I am going to have to call your bluff!  I have no idea really what happened with that and it worked perfectly fine today so who knows!  I just really hope that doesn’t happen during the race.  Oh well, if it does, I’ll just run it off!

Also I found a new yoga for runners routine that I really really like done by Lululemon.  It throws in strength and yoga into one to make sure you are getting it all in, in only 30 minutes!!  Really hits all the good areas and made me feel really refreshed!

Workout Recap:

Strength: resting up for race day (some in the yoga routine)

Yoga: 39 minutes (2 sessions) + 18 minutes I am going to do after this post (another Lulu sequence)

Running: 35.27 miles

This week will be all about nutrition, hydration and gentle (very gentle) yoga!  Please bear with me the next two and a half weeks until boards.  I will do my best to be consistent, especially with the race coming up!!    Thank you all for the love and support through this crazy time in my life!