Today was as productive of a day as you can hope for.  I got to work early and got to leave early, a great perk of my job.  Once all the patients are seen, you are out of there!  I headed to the farmers market and got a TON of great stuff and the lady even gave me my own basket to keep and use every week because I come to them every time.

I headed home, put my stuff away and hung out for a bit, letting the temperature drop before heading for a run.  The humidity was like night and day difference yesterday to today.  I barely made it through three miles yesterday afternoon and felt pathetic but today’s tempo run went fantastic.  It’s incredible what being able to breathe can do for you!

View during my warm up

View during my warm up

After getting back and showering quickly Casey and I jetted out to meet some friends for burger night at our favorite place, The Craftsman.  I insisted on riding bikes and Casey really wasn’t feeling it, he wanted to drive.  I got on my high horse about the benefits of living down town and not being lazy, on and on.  We weren’t a half mile from the house before Casey’s chain came off his bike.  Then right when we paid the check it started pouring rain.  Then on the way home, my chain came off my bike.  All the while Casey is looking at me with his, “na, na, na, na, boo, boo. I told you so” face.  Needless to say, next time I want to bike anywhere over a mile away I’m going to lose the battle.

Veggie burger at dinner.  First thing I have had at the Craftsman I have been less than impressed with.

Veggie burger at dinner. First thing I have had at the Craftsman I have been less than impressed with.

Otherwise it was a great dinner.  I had such a great time catching up with MB and Cassie while the boys talked football of course.  But now I am pooped and I have to run before work tomorrow because we are going to dinner for the PT that I am replacing’s going away dinner.  Bed time for this girl!!

First Day as a Grown Up PT

I can’t believe I can actually say this finally, but today was my first day being a real life PT!

I got up early enough to take Scarlett for a stroll before getting ready for my day.  It was a beautiful morning and a great temperature.  Such a fantastic start to a big day (and I think Scar thought she won the lottery getting to go out so early)!

Once I got to work, I handed in some obligatory paper work and got right started following the girl that I am going to be replacing.  It was a crazy day.  We saw 13 patients with 4 evals, and for people that don’t do PT, that is A LOT!!  11 patients is a good day without that many evals.  The day flew by (so fast I didn’t even take the obligatory first day in my scrubs picture).  I will try to get one of those tomorrow.

It was so incredible to have so much time to do things after getting done working.  I was so used to having to study for hours when the day was done and only finishing in time to run and do it all over again the next day.

After the day was done, I went over to the farmer’s market on the way home since we missed it on Saturday.  I had time to come home and hang out with Casey for a little before heading out to do my hill intervals.  We even had time to ride bikes across town and have some dinner with our friends Steve and Nicole.  Nicole actually had her first day as a nursing assistant today so we had a lot to talk about (and drink to).

IMG_1762 The good thing is that I am actually excited to go back and fend for myself tomorrow, with 6 of my very own patients!!  Cheers to day number 2!