Take Advantage of Your Life

This weekend was a rare occasion where Casey went out of town without me.  He went to a concert in Atlanta and I wasn’t sure what my work situation was going to be when we were deciding if I could go or not.  So that meant after dropping him off Saturday, I was on my own.

I went straight home and hit the road for my 7 mile run which was amazing.  I truly enjoyed all of it, at 1:30 in the afternoon on August 2nd!  The weather was “crappy” all weekend by everyone elses’ standards but it was idyllic for a runner!  It rained off and on the whole time and it felt incredible.

When I got home, I jumped in the shower, then on my bike to head downtown and do some tax free shopping!!

IMG_1775I went shopping for two things: Casey’s birthday and navy tee shirts for me to wear to work.  Casey made out like a bandit.  Quicksilver was doing 2 shirts, shorts, flip flops and sandals for $99.  Considering the shorts I was going to get him were $65 alone I just went for the whole shebang.  I can’t even believe that was a real thing, I save $154 on what I got him.  He made out way better than I did, no navy tees for me.  What a simple thing to not be able to find.

When I got home, I spent some time sitting on the porch reading my book and letting the dogs run outside in between the rain.  I watched our friends dog yesterday and today it is always good when Scar and Cho get some time outside.


IMG_1779Eventually I came in to make a dinner that Casey wouldn’t appreciate: a HUGE plate of shrimp with Rice, Quinoa, Red Lentils and Barley and Asparagus.  It was delicious and that rice mix was amazing.

IMG_1778Today held a lot of the same, except my 14 miler and some yoga.  I was so worried about this run after last week being such a disaster.  I was getting really nervous if I was just super out of shape and if my fall marathon may not happen this year.  Before I headed out I spent 20 minutes doing some deep stretch yoga.  Thank goodness I can say that my concerns were quelled after a flawless 14 miler.  I went over the bridge into old mount pleasant, out to pitt street pier (where there were sooooo many people out) and did a loop on back home.  It went so well.  Again it was cloudy and misty and about 80 degrees, night and day compared to last week.

Once I got home and showered I ran out to do some errands and came home to do the final piece of my Casey-is-out-of-town-weekend: cleaning, baking and laundry.  I took some of the cookies I made to meet the new neighbors (August 1st is the move in date around Charleston so we literally have 25 new neighbors).

Trail Mix Cookies

Trail Mix Cookies

These turned out way better than I anticipated so I will have to get the recipe added!

So I would say I definitely took advantage of my life and my weekend alone.  It was wonderful, and it still isn’t over.  The rest of the night I am trying to finish this book I am reading, it is amazing.  Review to come.

Hope you had a great weekend and great long run as well!

Last Day At Home: Blissful

Yesterday was my last day at home and it was so incredibly bitter sweet.  I had the most amazing day hanging out with my family and catching up with so many old friends.

We started the day meeting my grandma for lunch/brunch.  I didn’t have breakfast before and I have to start my day with breakfast food no matter what so I got a delicious baked oatmeal with fresh strawberries and milk and a side of scrapple (a home town favorite; you don’t want to know what is in it, I promise).

IMG_1692Post meal we decided to share a few desserts and I got this ridiculously decadent chocolate caramel tart.  I didn’t even make it half way through the thing, it was so rich.

IMG_1693Once we made it home from lunch we headed right out on our big bike ride.  The trail that I always ran on from my home to Rehoboth Beach was made into a loop so you don’t have to go out and back.  It is brand new and was one of my only things I knew I really wanted to do while I was home.  The ride was somewhere between 18 and 19 miles and it was amazing.

My little brother at the start

My little brother at the start

Mom, showing off

Mom, showing off

Lady walking her Macaw?!

Lady walking her Macaw?!


The very first beach I ever lifeguarded on!

The very first beach I ever life guarded on!


One of the old bunkers that used to be part of the military base, now our state park.

One of the old bunkers that used to be part of the military base, now our state park.

Watch Tower

Watch Tower

Back through Lewes at the end

Back through Lewes at the end

My favorite road!

My favorite road!


Mom's first selfie!

Mom’s first selfie!

After our bike ride I went out for my tempo run.  I thought I was going to crash and burn after such a long ride but I ended up doing great; my best tempo run yet actually!  I must have been perfectly warmed up.

I race home, showered and we headed out for half price sandwich night at Arenas with my family where I had the California Club Dude (turkey, tomato, avocado, jack cheese and sprouts).

IMG_1725And if that wasn’t enough I finished up the night by going to meet my friend Ryan first at the Dogfish Head restaurant for a drink and to catch up and then out to the Starboard to see Laura Lea.  Man It took me back to the amazing summers on the beach patrol.  Not much has changed.  The faces are different (though many of the same) but the energy and excitement hasn’t been altered one bit!

Laura Lea

Laura Lea

New band member, he was so great!  We approve!

New band member, he was so great! We approve!

Super blurry picture of Ry and I!

Super blurry picture of Ry and I! (and Jordan photo bombing)

To say I paid for it today having 3 hours of sleep after that jam packed day and having to travel super early is an understatement but I had the most amazing day.  I wish I could just do it all over again a few more times.

But now I am back in Charleston, baking late into the night to get ready to leave on one quick little final adventure before starting working.  You’ll be hearing from me from yet another state tomorrow!!  Man all this fun is making me tired!

What your 20’s are for

I have spent a lot of time being bummed and frustrated and not much time seizing the “unemployed moment” so to speak.  Today I seized my moment and it was fantastic.

I went for a run in the morning and hung around the house most of the day until the Germany-Algeria soccer game where I rode my bike over to meet my friends to watch.  My one friend is a huge Germany fan so we were cheering our butts off and getting super stressed out.  Of course I was using the bathroom for the first goal in the 93rd minute.  SERIOUSLY!!

After the game, we all started riding bikes around Charleston.  It was a glorious night.  The heat was down, there was a nice breeze and almost no humidity.  That DOES NOT happen in Charleston on June 30th, let me tell you.

Locking up at one of our stops

Locking up at one of our stops

After riding around for quite a while we decided ice cream was probably necessary so we had ice cream for dinner.  Yep, five year old’s in 20 year old’s bodies!


Days/nights like this are why you live downtown in a city/have 20’s to live through.  It was so nice to let loose and have a good time pretty much being a kid all day when I have been so stressed out lately.  So glad I have 6 more years of 20’s left!! 🙂


Enjoying the View

Today was one of those blisteringly hot Charleston summer days that we haven’t seen many of this summer, thank goodness.  For that reason, I headed over to the gym to just tough it out on the treadmill.  Today reminded me especially why I was getting up early to run all summer!!

After my run, I decided to take the long way (the very long way home) around the battery for a leisurely bike ride.  I run the battery all the time but I am usually focused on running and only enjoy the view for brief moments in between.  When you live your life like this…

Busy, busy, busy!!

Busy, busy, busy!!  I swear, I have lists for my lists, it is a bit outrageous


…sometimes you just need to make time to take the long way home.

It was so awesome.  I cued up some Jack Johnson pandora radio on my phone and just cruised around loving the view.  Until I made it to the market and out of no where it went from blue skies to POURING, FLOODING, MISERABLE rain!

I huddled under an over hang and chatted with my mom until it slowed down enough to make a break for it (about 2 miles).  My wonderful plan failed miserably at the end, but at least I didn’t really have anywhere to be so I didn’t have to stress out about it.  So much for trying to do a good thing!!  Best intentions and all.

Hope you had a good Thursday, almost the holiday weekend!!

Where is the Restart Button?

I should have known when I woke up 30 minutes after my alarm because my phone fell from the tree fort in the middle of the night and I didn’t hear it, that the rest of the day wasn’t going to be much better.  Luckily, I had changed my schedule this week to have an easy run this morning and go to hot yoga tonight so I could give my body a full day of rest on Wednesday.  The whole waking up late thing nixed the run but it was an okay day for that to happen because I was supposed to do it tomorrow any way.  No harm, no foul.

I assumed a casual getting ready routine and even cooked eggs (will be on tomorrows WIAW), packed lunch and headed to school.  Nothing crazy there other than it is officially getting hot, even just sitting outside to eat lunch in the dog park was almost unbearable.  After class was over at 3, I headed up to get some work done before heading to hot yoga.

When I went to get on my bike, I found this little guy…

2013-06-11 16.58.47He was just so stinkin’ cute, I have never seen a cricket so small.  I quickly named him Jiminie (obvriously) and gently set him on the ground before heading on my way.

Yoga was stinkin hard today.  Like stupid hard.  It was really hot, I’m sure because it is getting a lot hotter outside and I’m just not adjusted yet.  On top of that, during our last asana, I looked out the window to see that it was torrentially down pouring!  After class I called Casey to see if he could come get me since I was on my bike but he wasn’t back down town yet.  I hung out for about 10 minutes just waiting for the rain to simmer down a little bit.  However, a 10 minute downpour in Charleston leaves you with

2013-06-11 19.31.06which is not exactly what I would call “ideal” for bike riding.  I made it home without getting too wet and am now happily enjoying a new round of thunderstorms from the comfort of my couch.

I guess days like this are necessary to make the really good days feel awesome!  But to solve todays problems, I’m gonna sit down to a large glass of dark chocolate almond milk and a book.

Hope you guys had a slightly more fortunate Tuesday than I did!

Man I Was Spoiled

Today I realized just how spoiled I was living 1.5 blocks from class for two years.  That was quite a treat, and I knew it at the time but I know it even more now.

This morning I woke up, had some coffee and cereal (no run this morning because I took my ‘rest day’ today to do Bikram Yoga) got dressed.  You know, the regular morning routine.  I had class from 8-10 and then from 1-5 with yoga starting at 5:30.  I knew I wasn’t going to make it home between class and yoga so I decided rather than staying on campus during my break from 10-1 I would just come home so I wouldn’t have to cart all that stuff around with me all day.

This was a fantastic plan.  I took the 10 minute bike ride home, sat down at my computer and got right to work.  I was bound to make this time productive since usually coming home ruins my ability to accomplish anything.  All was well and good until at 11:30 the sky opened up and it POURED!!  I didn’t have a back up plan to get back to school either because Casey had taken my car to work today, WOMP WOMP!!  Right at about 12:30 the rain lightened up so I hurried and got my stuff together for my window of opportunity.

I hit the road for the 11 minute (I’ve timed it) bike ride back to school.  I could see the storm in the distance, the thunder roaring louder and louder and the lightning illuminating the clouds and I was slightly horrified!  I’m pretty sure I made that ride in about 8 minutes that trip because I was pedaling as fast as my pour little legs could carry me.  I made it about 1 minute before the sky opened again!!  Talk about lucky!

Scarlett had a much better time in the rain than I ever would have and I got a picture mid day from Casey (he took her to work):

Happy as a clam!

Happy as a clam!

Super Soaked Scarlett!

Super Soaked Scarlett!

It looks like these spotty storms are going to haunt me the rest of the week so hopefully I will continue to get lucky with my timing.  It’s really bumming me out because I freaking love a good rainy day but I know this is going to make me dread them!  I’m sure I will continue to love them on days I don’t have to leave the house.

Are you a lover or hater of a rainy day?