City of Brotherly Love (and ice, snow and freezing rain)

Yesterday afternoon I made it to Philadelphia after beginning the move by falling down the stairs loading my car and dumping my jewelry in the snowy driveway.  Definitely not the most shining start.  

After unloading all of my stuff and finally finding a parking spot I started the insane task of getting all of my stuff put away and organized.  Two hours later I was pretty much there and I am pleased with the way my new home has turned out.



Once I was fully satisfied here, I headed to a bar (that I can literally see from my window) to meet my best friend Hannah to watch the Eagles game.  It was unreal watching it with all of these fans.  We sang the fight song, screamed, yelled and suffered together through a devastating loss.  I swear that the whole bar went silent when the game losing field goal was kicked.  

Once the game was over everyone was in a fairly somber mood so I headed home to get some sleep before my last relaxing day.  I started with a run that quickly turned disastrous.  I had planned to go 6 miles but only made it 2.5 at an excruciatingly slow pace due to the ice covered sidewalks.  I hit the art museum and turned around saving my poor self from a broken leg.  People I passed literally looked at me like I had lost my mind.



Following that very disappointing run I was ready to head to Hannah’s for some fresh, homemade bagels!  Yep, her boyfriend made them from scratch and I can say honestly they may have been the best bagels I have ever tasted!



We had such a great afternoon catching up, grubbing on these beauties and watching the most recent episode of Parenthood.  Unfortunately I had to get to the grocery store and try to make it home to park my car on our street (which is a near impossible task in this city).   I am soooooo not cut out for city living, let me tell you!

After hunting for 30 minutes for a spot I finally gave up on getting one on our one free street that we have in front of the house and parked on a permit street resolving that I would have to get up earlier in the morning to park on our street once people had left for work.  I came in, put away groceries and settled in for the 49ers game, hoping at least Casey could end up happy with football this weekend.  Then with 30 seconds left in the game I heard a huge crunch of tires on snow…SOMEONE WAS LEAVING!  But the game was tied and it was going to come down to this field goal.  I crossed all my fingers and toes and watched the rest of the game (with a 49ers win) and ran down the street to get my car and bring it to my street.  I have never felt more victorious in my entire life.  I probably will never drive my car again either!

So far Philadelphia has been quite testy with me but I am trying to keep an open mind.  First day of rotation number 3 tomorrow, wish me luck!

Food Store

I have a ridiculous love affair with the grocery store.  A task that most people despise, I actually revel in.  There are endless meal possibilities!  It is also a task Casey and I always do together and I really enjoy that time together (how cheesy am I).  It is always better though when we have had dinner before we go though or some questionable choices always make it in the cart.

After getting in a good run with Lauren and making dinner (Shepherds Pie), we headed on our bi-monthly endeavor.

I found something I am especially stoked about on this particular trip…

2013-10-15 21.09.44

I was in search of bagels to have some easy to digest running food for the relay so I got those and some whole wheat as well…and Casey got two packs of bagels so that is a grand total of 24 bagels, for two people.  Yes, we are nuts!  Whoops!  The funny thing is, we don’t usually ever buy bagels.

2013-10-15 21.21.11

Unfortunately, I do not enjoy the end result of the grocery store where you have to exchange the green paper for the mostly green foods.

2013-10-15 21.54.04

This is followed by the worst part, finding somewhere in our fridge and pantry shelves for all of our booty.  This was actually one of the easiest times we had fitting everything in the fridge, probably because we just cleaned it out a few days ago, but thats not really saying much around here.

Tomorrow is always fun because there are so many possibilities I am the most indecisive about what I want to eat, I CAN HAVE ANYTHING!!  Wooo Hoo!!

Bet you may be a little happier next time you make that grocery store trip!

Swap It Out Sunday

Bagel vs. English Muffin

Bagel vs. English Muffin

I feel like breakfast has gotten a lot of attention on the Swap it out Sunday front but when sugar and carbs are greatly excepted main dishes, its hard to get it right.  I think breakfast was where I used to get into the most trouble.  Heck, I love cereal so much (because of all the sugar I’m sure) that I used to eat it for dessert or an afternoon snack!

Bagels are a major love as well, carbs and dough really own my soul!  When we make egg sandwiches though on the weekends, it kills me that just the bagel alone is 280 calories.  So recently, I have been getting myself a bag of english muffins so when Casey makes these for us I just have mine on that.  I get to save calories and still participate in our Saturday/Sunday morning breakfast ritual.

I get the light multigrain ones so this swap saves me:  170 calories, 3 g of fat and gain 5 g of fiber!  This has the potential to save me over 2.5 pounds in a year just by making this swap the one day a week.

There’s no way I’m giving up bagels cold turkey (especially whenever we go back up north) but any time I can make this switch at home I try to do it!

Happy Sunday everyone!