Monday Monday

This morning when my alarm went off I felt remarkably refreshed, like my body was completely ready to get up, at 6:50, not normal.  That was pretty much where the good fortune ended today.

I popped out of bed and grabbed Scarlett’s leash for our daily walk to find it was POURING.  Why I was surprised at this point I’m not sure.  One step outside found both of us scrambling back for the porch and sending Scar on a quick scurry into the back yard to do her business and hurry inside.  I figured without our 20 minute walk I could get to work early, and potentially leave a little early.  I scarfed a pumpkin spice bagel (yes, the pumpkin is now in full force in my life) and headed out the door to get my Monday-morning-get-myself-to-work Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.

Once I got there the morning started weirdly due to a few co-workers starting late today and a few on vacation.  It is crazy how when you work with a team having pieces missing really throws off your whole mojo.  Really made me appreciate the amazing team I work with.  The rest of the day was a perpetual reminder of the fact that I work with people and that means no predictability.  Sometimes I swear all my patients team up and agree to be difficult and try to see if I will lose my mind.  No matter, I made it through and headed out the door to go home, whooped and ready to start over tomorrow.

Upon exit, it was still raining and downtown was majorly flooded.  I immediately checked the forecast and if the weather man knows what he is talking about the sun may actually make an appearance tomorrow.  My running is a cut back this week before my final week of surge allowing me to be more flexible with my rest day.  I moved my rest day to today in favor of maybe having dry shoes for once.

After a stressful day I turned to and my mat to attempt to relax my poor flailing mind.  I can’t say it solved all my problems but I did feel a bit better and more able to let my day go to move on to tomorrow.

We made it through Monday everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. I ran downtown last night (I am in the MUSC running program now) and it was definitely wet! That was after the rain stopped for a few hours too, and my shoes were not dry but I have like 3 pairs I rotate through and another just for the gym, at least. It is supposed to be nice this week though so hopefully we can both get a lot of running in.

    At least you had a lot of pumpkin yesterday. That’s a good thing :).

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