Monday Evening Confessions

My reinvigoration didn’t last very long.  Hence the confessions to come…

1.  I woke up to a rainy over cast sky and a promise of rain which didn’t sound like a good time to my blister ridden feet.  So I skipped it.  Then felt guilty about it all day.  When I got home I decided two things: a) I have 7 weeks left until race time which is plenty of time; b) I need to not do long runs on Sundays, the sacred day in our house hold which only belongs to watching football.  I made a plan to scoot all my runs one day forward, leaving Sundays with a short recovery run.  Much more realistic.

2.  Today was overcast all morning, then a monsoon in the afternoon.  Like, wind shield wipers on full blast and you still can’t see kind of monsoon.  I came home and looked up some yoga to do (more on this in a minute) before hopefully the rain would subside enough for me to still get in an easy run.  The rain never stopped which in Charleston means it was pouring AND I would be running in floods up to my knees.  So now I have gone two days without running and I feel like the biggest bum ever.  I get so down on myself so easily when I am training, especially because usually I never miss a run for 16 weeks, this training cycle I have really not been at my best.

3.  I discovered today.  I signed up for a free 15 day trial and did a 45 minute cross-training for runners series.  My body feels AMAZING!!  I feel like I just gave my whole body so much love.  I am going to try to do at least 15 minutes of this yoga each day for my 15 day trial and decide if I want to keep it.  Maybe if I pay for it I will be more in to doing it more regularly.  A monthly membership is 18 dollars and there are literally thousands of classes for anything you could want, complete with pre-run routines, restorative and strengthening all directed at runners along with non-runner yoga routines.  YogaGloLogo

I am going to continue to peruse the site and at the end of my 15 day trial I will let you all know if I decide to re-up!

Do you ever feel completely deflated after missing a run or two? 

11 thoughts on “Monday Evening Confessions

  1. Yaaay!! Yoga is so great! I can be hard on myself if I miss a run! I get it!! You’ll pick it back up!! I know you will!! Try not to be too upset!! You’re fabulous regardless!! XOXO!!

  2. I definitely feel off if I miss a run! If I miss one, and it’s due to something fun like hanging out with friends, a trip, etc, that’s cool. I hate missing a run due to something like weather, because I’m forced to stay inside or change my plans for it. Fortunately I was able to get in 4 miles tonight after the rain stopped, only because I live in a subdivision and not downtown, but it was humid and crazy and I really could have skipped tonight if I weren’t so OCD…

    That website seems really cool for yoga. I like the DoYogaWithMe site and I had a DVD (somewhere) of yoga for runners. I prefer the classes but that gets expensive and it doesn’t always work with my schedule.

    • Darn us for being so Type A!
      I started looking at studio memberships around here because I know I need to do it way more and realized how absolutely outrageous they are cost wise. I think this will be a good alternative and so far so good, I have been doing it fairly consistenly. Twice today!!

  3. I HATE yoga! I wish I liked it cause it’d be so easy to do at home! I sometimes feel bummed if I miss the gym cause I feel lazy in the morning and then am too busy to go later, when I actually want to. Do you have a gym membership for the treadmill at least?

    • I have such a love hate relationship with yoga. It is so hard for me so much of the time and I just usually don’t feel like it after running but I know it is good for me because my body feels so much better if I just suck it up and do it, even if only for 10 minutes.
      My hospital has an employee gym so I need to just start keeping running clothes in my car for the days of unexpected weather!

  4. I always find there is a week or two in a race build-up where motivation flags and running becomes a chore. I normally feel a bit like a bum for missing runs but afterwards realise the physical and mental recharge from the break were positive. Not running for two days isn’t going to make a big difference overall, plus you have been cross training so your core and flexibility will be improved, both key things for runners. You’ll do great – no news to feel like a bum.
    And you’ve got me interested in yogaglo. I’ll see if they allow UK subscriptions. All the best for the rest of your build-up

    • Thank you so much for this. It was so truly encouraging. I know deep down when I take a break a day or two it really won’t matter and that my body could probably use it but I am so Type A I have such a hard time just letting it happen.
      I hope you can get yogaglo, so far I really like it. I love that there are routines of all different lengths that I can squeeze in to a short amount of time making me way more likely to do it than going to an hour long class for $20 at a yoga studio!

  5. Pretty much summer has consisted missed runs, and inconsistent mileage. I didn’t really right the ship until August. Hang in there you’ll bounce back, each day dawns a new beginning and a chance to start anew 🙂

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