Running with John and Jack

Today marked the transition from long runs to LOOOONG runs in my head.  Anything over 15 miles makes it in the second category.  I decided I wasn’t getting up early to do it, that I would just go when Casey went to play flag football.  I hit the road at 11.  I fully knew the consequences of my decisions and embraced the heat as character building.

I hit up Jack Johnson radio which pretty much gives me Jack Johnson and John Mayer alternating with a couple others thrown in here and there.  I figured if my music was calm, my mind would be calm.  The run actually went way better than I could have hoped for in those conditions.  16 miles in 2:16.  I am not going to lie, the parts in the wide open sun were a little brutal but when there was shade involved I felt pretty strong.  Added bonus: my ankle didn’t give me any issues!!  I really feel like I dodged a bullet there.

After I got home from my run and Casey made it back from football we both hit the showers before heading out for a really late brunch.  After having a half bowl of cereal pre-run, I was starving by the time we sat down to eat at 2:30.  We went to Prohibition on King Street which we have been to twice before for dinner and we were once again impressed.

I am on a mission to try the huevos rancheros at every brunch place in Charleston and these did not disappoint.  I usually get these because I feel like nothing in them is super awful for you and every restaurant does them differently.  

IMG_1802 By the time we were done it was already 4.  Sundays just absolutely fly by.  We decided to go somewhere else on King Street so Casey could watch the 49ers pre-season game.  My friend JK had to leave before we could get a picture, but I got one with Nicole, my lovely friend kicking butt in nursing school right now!

IMG_1806Overall, pretty great Sunday and weekend.  I am not quite ready to get back to the grind tomorrow but I know I will be happy once I get there!!