Thank The Running Gods

Today was a typical Saturday: sleep in, make some pancakes and coffee, clean/laundry, read and hang out until the temperature has come down enough to go for a run. 

I got impatient today and set out on the road around 4:15 (the hottest part of the day in Charleston).  It really wasn’t bad out at all and even rained (surprise, surprise) from mile 2-4.  Overall, any time I was in the shade the heat felt like a non-issue.  The run was an 8 mile marathon pace run.  If you have followed this blog for any amount of time, you know I struggle with these and always end up going way too fast.  No change there today, but I felt amazing, the entire run.  Well until around mile 6.21. 

At this point I had gone through town, around the battery, through the citadel and was covering the final stretch through Hampton Park before turning toward home.  The park is an ~1 mile loop on the outside with a driving lane and a huge biking and running lane; on the very inside there is dirt on the shoulder.  I always opt for the dirt part when I run through here just to give my legs a break.  I was feeling amazing and just trotting along when BAM, I rolled my ankle worse that I think I ever had before. 

I tried to take another step and actually screamed in pain.  I sat down right in the dirt and almost started crying, not from pain but from finally breaking my 6 year running streak without having an injury that would take me out of the game (knock on wood).  I fiercely slammed the home button on my iPhone and started punched in Casey’s number to come get me.  Then while dialing, as if by a pure miracle, I twisted my ankle around and something popped, loudly.  More importantly, it didn’t hurt anymore.  I shut down my phone and took a few steps, no pain.  So I turned my music back on and resumed running and was able to pick back up to my prior pace. 

I made it home, though my ankle definitely felt weird.  Not painful, just off.  I iced it and I just keep looking down at it expecting it to catch up with me, all swollen and purple and ominous.  But so far, I have a normal looking ankle that works like a healthy ankle that just feels a little funny.  I will be taping it up before I head out for my long run tomorrow to not tempt fate.  Until then I will be praising the running gods with every thing I have!   Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!