If I Wasn’t A Grown Up Before…

Today started with my walk with scar, which ended with both of us sopping wet. The rain the past few days in this town has been insane.  It actually only rained for about 5 minutes this morning, it just happened that we were outside for those 5 minutes.  Scar loved it though so totally worth it!

The rest of the day was fairly normal, a little longer than regular since I had to do a hospital orientation all morning it got me behind with my patients but that’s okay.  Just means I won’t feel bad leaving a little early another day.

When I got home, I decided that I could no longer put off enrolling for my benefits and retirement (seriously) and all that.  It is very crazy to think about retirement at the ripe age of 24 but…I had no idea how involved this was going to be, I figured it would be a 10 minute call but it took about an hour.  I got a lot of pre-run stretching done in the process.  I am glad it is done and I officially, 100% feel like a grown up now with health insurance, vision, dental and even a 401k.  What is happening to me?!  As crazy as it makes me feel, it just makes me feel that I am getting things done and really getting started with my adult life.

Other than that, just a normal night at our house: easy run, make dinner, clean kitchen, do some reading.  Another Monday in the books.  Hope you guys had a great one.