Amazing Book

I just finished the most recent book I have been reading called Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight.  It is a serious page turner (or finger swipper if you are reading on a kindle like me)!

ameliaThe book is about a single mother who’s young daughter jumps off the roof of her school.  The story follows the mother trying to discover if her daughter’s death truly was a suicide, the daughters story leading up to her death and the mothers story around the time of her daughter’s conception until all three of these plots come together as one in the end.  The story is beautifully crafted and wonderfully surprising.  I literally couldn’t stop reading it.

If you are looking for a book to drag you in and hold on, this is the one you are looking for.  I spent the past two nights up way to late reading it and I honestly wish it wasn’t over.

HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend!!