This morning started bright and early because I had to get my run in before work today.  As difficult as dragging myself out at 6am is, running in the 95 degree heat and humidity is 10x harder.  When I get it done I am always glad for it the rest of the day.

After a reasonably productive day at work I headed home to hang out for a few minutes before going to sushi happy hour as a going away party for the PT that is leaving.  It is crazy that I only met her last Tuesday, it feels so much longer and I was sad to see her go.  It also means I am truly the lead PT starting tomorrow.  CRAZY!

Once I biked my way home from dinner I felt motivated to get some much needed cleaning done in our house.  The living room and downstairs bathroom were really hurting for it.  The silly thing is that the whole ordeal only took 30 minutes and I am a much happier camper.   I have been trying out a cleaning “schedule” this week and I think it is really something I will benefit from.

Monday- Kitchen; Tuesday- Up Stair Bathroom; Wednesday- Downstairs Bathroom; Thursday- Living Room; Friday- Bed Room; Saturday- Laundry; Sunday- Fridge Clean.

We will see how well I can keep up with it but so far it’s been great, only spending 15-20 minutes each day while keeping everything pretty manageable.

Once my cleaning chores were finished, I went out on the porch to enjoy some time reading my book.  It is called We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.  I am about 65% finished with it (gotta love the kindle) and am curious to see where it is going.  My mom read it in about a day and really liked it, said the ending was quite a surprise.  She actually found it because it was likened to Gone Girl which I loved.

IMG_1773Hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am.  Off to watch an episode of House of Cards with Casey before hitting the hay.