Eating My Way Home

Nearly every time I am home, the trip revolves around food.  After having Casey’s friends in town last week and being home this week, I am going to need a major diet overhaul to start right along with my new job.

Yesterday we started the day with Surf Bagel where I had a Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese on a Whole Wheat Everything bagel.  It is an absolute staple of food from home and NEVER disappoints!

IMG_1677After putting myself in a sufficient food coma, my mom and I went around to all the local shops that I love and don’t have in Charleston.  I ended up with two new dresses that I am in love with.  I almost pulled the trigger on a new bathing suit as well, it was so gorgeous but $128 for a suit is more that I can stomach.

Once we were sufficiently worn out with that we came home in time for me to take my little brother to his Crossfit where I stayed and went for a run.  I had 4×800’s on the agenda and they were TOUGH.  It was hot, humid and there was no breeze but I muddled through.  By the end I was totally spent and downed two full water bottles.  I am sure I was dehydrated before even setting out of the run.  Being home has gotten me completely out of any routine to keep up with water intake.

This morning I got my run in early, an easy three miler before going to lunch with my grandparents at Agave.  This place has the best Mexican food I have ever had.  I got a Farmer’s Market Quesadilla and it was amazing.  It was so fresh and delicious.

IMG_1685Post lunch, I was off to finally get my hair cut.  I absolutely love getting my hair cut (mostly the head massage with the cucumbers on my eyes).  I needed it so desperately, it had been since December!  I have been going to the same girl for 15 years but I guess it is probably time to give up and find someone in Charleston.  My stylist has just gone out on her own and opened a new salon called Lady and Mane and it was so beautifully finished with such perfect touches.

Bathroom in the salon

Bathroom in the salon

Refreshment Station

Refreshment Station

Masterwork on my hair!

Masterwork on my hair!

Luckily I had planned to go to dinner with my friend Megan tonight so I actually got to show off my lovely styled hair before running and having to wash it, ruining her handiwork.  We went to Stingray and had a feel rolls of sushi and had a chance to catch up on life and what not.  It crazy how much can change so fast and how much stays the same really.  Every time I come home I am reminded of that.

I have one more day left here before heading home (to Charleston) and we have a jam packed day ahead of us tomorrow.  Off to bed for me!

One thought on “Eating My Way Home

  1. Looks like you had fun visiting family and getting your hair cut! That bagel looks delicious too :). Don’t feel bad about it, at least you are still fitting in your running!

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