Whirl Wind

So I had this recap of our visit here in Charleston with Casey’s friend’s all planned out for my post today but then bigger things happened.

I Got A JOB!!

I had an interview Wednesday and felt really really good about it.  I got the call this morning offering me the position and it is an absolute dream!  I will be working here in Charleston in a Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH).  This is the setting that I was working in when I was in Philly and I absolutely loved it.  I can not believe how fast this all went (after everything moving so slowly the last few months).

I will be starting hopefully on July 21st so I have one more week to live luxuriously which I will actually be able to take advantage of now that I am not so stressed out.

My mom wanted me to come home before starting work so I will be flying up tomorrow and will be able to watch my little brother play in a lacrosse tournament and will hang out at home until Thursday, then I’ll head home to get ready for the big start.

Super excited, relieved, nervous girl here in Charleston.  Can’t believe I get to actually be a PT in real life in 10 days!!