What is the real point?

I am going to bring up a controversial topic that I hope to talk about non-controversially.

lanceI understand that this has completely died down long ago but we are watching a special about him and his life and I have some things to say.

I don’t want to talk about whether these cyclists should be allowed to take these drugs.  That’s not something I want to go in to here at this point.  I want to think about all the wonderful things this guy did that had nothing to do with cycling or doping or any of that.

I get that cheating is terrible and rules were broken and what was done was wrong.  HOWEVER!!  He has taken on cancer that was a death sentence and survived.  To further continue to take on a feat that you, or I or pretty much anyone wouldn’t dream of on our healthiest days.  This is a man that has raised billions of dollars for cancer research.  He has been an advocate and front man for some of the best advancements we have in cancer.  Cycling was his platform and gave him the ability to generate a ton of funding, but these good, wonderful things he has done shouldn’t be negated when they have nothing to do with cycling.

Anyway, sorry to salt old wounds, but after watching this special I felt fairly strongly about some things.

I am curious (though this may be scary to ask), what do you think? 



3 thoughts on “What is the real point?

  1. I don’t agree that doping is right at all, but I do agree that he got the brunt of something that a lot of athletes do. Baseball players are known for doping but people think of baseball as the American pastime, when people think of cycling… now they think doping :(. It’s quite sad to me… none of us know what it’s like to walk a mile in Lance’s shoes or battle cancer then come back to the sport, what went through his head, etc. I don’t agree with doping at all but I don’t think it’s right to judge either. People make mistakes.

  2. I think cheating and the whole doping scandal was a deal breaker for me, but I do applaud what he has done for cancer research. I am very happy that he beat cancer and used to look up to him as an example of being a fighter no matter what. I don’t hate the guy, like you said we all make mistakes. It’s more of a disappointment.

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