Thank You World Cup

I have literally had the most fun I’ve had in a long time following this world cup.  It was such a crazy, amazing experience to be in a bar, packed wall to wall with people all hoping, praying and cheering for the same outcome.  In an interview with Dan Patrick today, Landon Donovan stated, our country hasn’t come together like that since 9-11.  That an incredible thing to see, coming together without national tragedy.  And he was right, was he not?  How wonderful for a country to be bonded together over a sport that isn’t usually in the forefront of American society!

It is a huge bummer to be out, but we will of course be following the rest of the Cup.  I have a friend who’s father is from Germany and another friend from Columbia so I will be cheering behind those teams for now.

Congrats to Tim Howard and the entire American team (especially my future boyfriend Kyle Beckerman) for an amazing showing at the World Cup and more importantly for bringing an entire country together (an even more challenging feat)!



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