What your 20’s are for

I have spent a lot of time being bummed and frustrated and not much time seizing the “unemployed moment” so to speak.  Today I seized my moment and it was fantastic.

I went for a run in the morning and hung around the house most of the day until the Germany-Algeria soccer game where I rode my bike over to meet my friends to watch.  My one friend is a huge Germany fan so we were cheering our butts off and getting super stressed out.  Of course I was using the bathroom for the first goal in the 93rd minute.  SERIOUSLY!!

After the game, we all started riding bikes around Charleston.  It was a glorious night.  The heat was down, there was a nice breeze and almost no humidity.  That DOES NOT happen in Charleston on June 30th, let me tell you.

Locking up at one of our stops

Locking up at one of our stops

After riding around for quite a while we decided ice cream was probably necessary so we had ice cream for dinner.  Yep, five year old’s in 20 year old’s bodies!


Days/nights like this are why you live downtown in a city/have 20’s to live through.  It was so nice to let loose and have a good time pretty much being a kid all day when I have been so stressed out lately.  So glad I have 6 more years of 20’s left!! 🙂


10 thoughts on “What your 20’s are for

  1. I haven’t tried Jeni’s yet but I have heard good things! I love that you guys rode your bikes and went out for ice cream, and of course enjoyed the world cup. I didn’t get to watch due to work. Really glad you had a good day, hopefully you will find a job soon, but kudos to you for living in the moment and enjoying things the way they are right now, too :).

    • Jeni’s was good but it was expensive and had really small portions so just be aware! They do let you sample as many as you want though with huge smiles on their faces so that was awesome!
      I have applications out with MUSC, Roper, a hospital in Mount P and Charleston Physical Therapy so something HAS to come through soon! (knock on wood).

      • Hmm… what about Trident up in Summerville? Or the VA hospital? And I guess applying with Roper means you apply with the whole system, but they have like 3 hospitals here. Some of them are a little commute but not TOO bad.

        Only thing about applying in outer areas like Walterboro and Georgetown is that those probably won’t pay as much and cost of living is lower in those places :(.

      • Its actually backwards, you get paid more in those places because people don’t want to live there. All sorts of wrong, right?!
        I did apply to Georgetown a while ago and was told the posting was outdated. But I do check Georgetown and Walterboro regularly!

      • Yeah, definitely check often! Sometimes places fill a job but then others open up I guess. It sounds like you’re doing the best you can and it’s just a waiting game. Don’t blame you for applying everywhere, you just never know 🙂

  2. I miss the 20s. I just realized two months from today I will be 34 and is it sad I am looking forward to 35 so I get into the slower age group of running????

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