Where I’ve Been (And Why I Have Been The Worst Blogger Ever)

Two weeks ago I found out I didn’t get the last job I had applied for in Charleston.  To say I was devastated was an understatement.  There were no more options left and it look(ed/s) like I may/will have to travel to find a job.  This means packing up my car again and driving away from Scarlett, Casey and my friends and my life here in Charleston.  Only this time, unlike with rotations, indefinitely.

I have been negative, angry, sullen, lazy, bored and frustrated.  I thought this part of becoming a PT would be the easy part.  I know that finding jobs can be tough, but I have been told from the start, “not if you work in health care.”  I slaved away, busted my butt and absolutely, entirely dedicated myself to being ready to start in this profession.  I went above and beyond (increasing my stress and increasingly making Casey want to kill me) so that when this time came I was ready and qualified.  I didn’t want to share this negativity and frustration with you all, so I avoided Runs4Treats!

The light in the tunnel is that I have not stopped running.  It sees me through everything. It is the one thing that is not an option to do or not do.  It gets done.  (Unlike the upstairs bathroom I have been meaning to clean for two weeks and have had ample time to do but have refused to anyway).  I will begin training again Monday for a race in November (though I’m not sure exactly which yet).  It has kept me moving forward.

I have put in three more applications in Charleston this week (without any call backs yet, but fingers crossed).  We have friends coming into town on Saturday, they will be here for a week and I have given myself a deadline of July 18th to hear back from these jobs I have applied to, then I absolutely have to pull the trigger and take a travel job somewhere.

Life doesn’t work out how you think it will, hope it will or feel like it should.  You don’t always get what you deserve but you have to push through.  I am pushing through now and refuse to let myself get so down about this starting today.  A positive life starts with a positive attitude!!

Bring on today (and a phone call on Monday please)!

6 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been (And Why I Have Been The Worst Blogger Ever)

  1. I was thinking about you lately and wondering where you were! I thought about you the other day bc I’m thinking of seeing a PT for this stupid foot issue.

    I figured you were busy applying for jobs and all. Applying for jobs is basically a full time job in itself. I too have been avoiding blogging because I’m injured and really don’t have a lot of blog-worthy things going on. Plus I’m kinda tired of taking pictures of things and trying to make life worth blogging about… if you sorta get that?

    Have you thought about looking into areas that are near Charleston even if it’s outside? That way you could maybe commute? I agree about not getting down, just keep applying for things and keep looking. Places might post more jobs, it just takes a lot of time to find one these days (it also takes a long time for employers to actually hire someone).

    • I have totally looking in the near by areas (Georgetown, Walterboro) and haven’t come up with anything that I would want to commute that far to do if that makes sense. It is insane how long it takes to hear back from places after you put in applications, it drives me bonkers!!
      I totally understand not doing anything exciting enough to blog about. Right now my days pretty much include a run, reading and walking the bridge. Not exactly blog worthy material. I have even taken up cross-wording. SERIOUSLY?!

  2. Even if you can’t find anything close by, maybe a travel job will bring about an opportunity that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Who knows what it could be… But despite all the things that I have questioned or wished had gone another way in life, I’ve come to realize that everything ended up working out perfectly. So while it would suck to leave Casey and be gone AGAIN, it still may end up working out for the best, or maybe you WILL get a callback soon!

    • Thank you so much for the positivity. It is a lot easier to get there with support!! I am feeling better about traveling and trying to see the good parts of it (not that I am not praying with everything in me I can stay). I am just so ready to start being a PT!!!

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