After waiting allllllll dayyyyyyy looooong we finally got to catch the USA-Ghana game.  After watching Germany completely dominate Portugal, we definitely needed to start off with a bang and boy did we with a goal coming in the first minute!

I spent the morning making a patriotic dessert; pound cake with vanilla pudding and fresh fruit (all made from scratch).  Side note, I tried to make angel food cake and that is impossible without a beater.  Beating it with a fork really fast ain’t gonna cut it!

IMG_1547Case grilled up some food for the game and we had some friends over to watch, cheer and yell for 100 minutes!  It was such a great time and even better to end with a win.

Post game I finally headed for a run and had a great one.  Hard not to after that adrenaline rush.  Plus when you are running and in your head all that keeps playing over and over again is Ibelievethatwewillwin you can’t possibly run slow.

Great Monday, great game, great start for the USA!!

4 thoughts on “USA, USA, USA

  1. I like your patriotic dessert! I saw parts of the game on the TV at the gym then came home and watched the rest here. It is definitely motivating for a workout :).

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