Goal Check

Today was a great lazy Sunday of coupon clipping, soccer watching and father’s day celebrating.  We went out to Casey’s dad’s house to get a bunch of food and have his dad cook for us (some kids we are, right).  He swears he loves to do the cooking so I just hope he isn’t pulling our legs.  We had a wonderful spanish rice jambalaya thing, pork chops with peppers and onions and cauliflower.  Delicious afternoon.

Scarlett pulled a fast one on us during the cooking process though.  I was standing in the kitchen talking to Casey’s dad and I look over and she is really chomping on something.  Casey’s dad has a tendency to slip her a little bit of people food every once in a while (hence why she loves him the most) so I thought that was what she had but then I got a good look at it and whatever it was was HUGE!!  I went over and she clamped her mouth down, hard.  When I finally got it open I pulled out an entire raw pork chop.  I couldn’t believe it; she never “steals” food.  It was like when little kids curse though, you don’t want to laugh because you want them to know it’s wrong but you can’t stop cracking up so you are in this weird in between stern angry face mixed with bursts of laughter.

"It was soo good, I don't even feel bad about it."

“It was soo good, I don’t even feel bad about it.”

Also, with no segway at all, just want to say Happy Fathers Day to my two wonderful dad’s!  Only wish I could have spent time with you both today!

fathersWeekly Work Out Summary:

I am half way through my six week goals and the only area that is lagging behind is my stretching goal.  No surprise there.  Just means I will have to make up some extra time in the next three weeks.  No harm, no foul.

Miles: 30.1; (total: 90.42)

Push Ups: 320; (total: 900)

Stretching: 30 minutes; (81 minutes)

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