Competition, not always a good thing

Casey has absolutely hands down been the most amazing supporter in all of my running endeavors since we have been together.  That’s three years of running “vacations”, early morning runs and nights NOT out due to training obligations.  This saint also started to run with me.  Not too often or very far but it was the sweetest thing he could do, to do what I enjoyed, even if it wasn’t necessarily his favorite activity.


Recently, Casey started playing rec flag football and due to the fact that he is the most competitive person I have ever met, he actually kinda was training for it.  That meant we have been running together slightly more often.

Last week, Case and I set out on a run and he was feeling great.  I was feeling not so great.  I ate something that made my stomach feel like it was burning from the inside out, my legs were sore from my run the day before and I was dehydrated.  I kept up until the last half mile where he often wants to gradually pick up the pace until the end.  Usually I am cool with this.  I can’t keep up with him in a dead sprint but I can stick with him until the very end.  This pushes both of us and gets me outside of my easy run pace I have been consistently relying on.  This day however, instead of picking up the pace with him, I threw a temper tantrum because I didn’t feel good and couldn’t keep up.  Instead of just letting him go and meeting him at home I said, “You’re such a jerk, I would never take off on you like that.”  Which is true, but who cares, if he wants to sprint it out all the way home, go for it.  After stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, we both resumed at our comfortable paces and met at home; me with my pride hurt and also feeling a little bit like a four year old.

Once I showered I realized how silly that was and apologized, hoping he wouldn’t boycott running with me ever again.

Yesterday, when Case asked me if I would want to run with him today I said absolutely and spent the afternoon hydrating and doing a great stretch sequence from Runner’s World (all things I should be doing anyway).  Today I was going to be ready to stick with him no matter what.  We had a great run, pushed it very hard and got an awesome work out in.  Plus we got to spend that time together, which is really the point, right?!

case boston

Moral of the story: competition has a place and a time and it probably isn’t when you are on an easy run with your boyfriend.  And if you get beat, oh well, motivation for next time right! 🙂