WIAW: Poor Planning

This morning started in my regular lazy fashion with a cup of coffee and some cereal for breakfast while I finished yet another book (A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby).  I am really loving this oatmeal squares.  They were on sale at our grocery store and I had a coupon so I got a box and immediately went back for a second box after trying them out.  They aren’t super sweet and actually keep me sustained for quite a while.

IMG_1517After finishing my book and lazing around for a while, I headed off the babysit.  However, this is where my poor planning began.  I left to go there at 11:30 (before lunch) and took nothing with me to eat leaving me to make enough sustenance from another person’s fridge (which I hate doing).   That lead to a lunch consisting of a few pieces of cheese, wheat thins and a few peanut butter M&Ms.

IMG_1519IMG_1520IMG_1521After leaving there, I went to run a few errands, you know exciting stuff like the bank and getting dog food, donating old clothes/shoes/books.  By the time I made it home I was actually starving.  Turns out a few crackers and pieces of cheese don’t exactly cut it as lunch for this girl so I had a snack of granola and yogurt, major shocker.

Seriously addicted to this stuff

Seriously addicted to this stuff

After job searching for a bit and delving into a new book, I decided to get my run in.  It was a lot cooler this evening after the past few nights of absolute scorchers.  Upon arrival home, I realized not only had I completely failed at lunch, I wasn’t set up to do much better with dinner.  I thought I had enough veggies and what not from the market last week to get up through to the weekend but I was quite mistaken.  Luckily Casey whipped up some delicious turkey burgers and some sweet fries we have had on reserve in the freezer for god only knows how long.

IMG_1525Not exactly the picture of nutrition but it was delicious and it absolutely could have been worse.

Hope your day in food looked a little better than mine.  Proper planning really does prevent poor performance, that is for sure.