Wonderful Weekend and Workout Recap

I haven’t really had much to say lately because I have been squandering my free time sitting around and being upset about not being able to find a job, no one wants to hear that, right?!

Friday was a turning point.  I made a contingency plan that involves doing something active rather than sitting around and waiting and praying that someone would call me back.  Then Saturday we had a cook out/bbq at our house to celebrate graduation and being done with school.  I even got to do some baking which I haven’t done in forever including the classic Chocolate Chip Cookies and Carrot Cake Banana Bread (sans the icing).  We had such a good night and it really reminded me that even when things are a little tough, I have a lot of good friends and support behind me and things will get less stressful.  I just hate the waiting game and not being able to do much about changing my situation!

Tonight at dinner we got fortune cookies when we were leaving and mine pretty much summed up this whole weekend of starting to feel good and in control again!

IMG_1488Now if only that little strip of paper can turn in to a very happy phone call this week 🙂

Workout Summary

Now that I finally feel good again (though Casey and I are pretty sure we have whooping cough), I was able to put in a legitimate week of fitness with good progress toward my 6 week goals and my first 7 days of the Runners World Run Streak (Memorial day-Labor Day).

Miles: 33.1

Push Ups: 300

Stretching Minutes: 31 (yoga/static stretching combo)

Here’s to another good week of fitness, and fingers crossed for some good job news for this girl!

4 thoughts on “Wonderful Weekend and Workout Recap

  1. My coworker had whooping cough back when I was at corporate, and I was so scared I actually went and got the booster shot for it. She was diagnosed and all and after that, I went to the doc bc she sat right behind me. It’s not a disease people really get but kinda scary that she did. I hope you guys will feel better soon.

    Be patient on the job front… sometimes it takes time. It *always* takes time. I guess it’s a little quicker in the medical field but I think places will post more jobs and look into hiring now that graduations have happened. Congrats on your streak so far, that’s great!

    • I am keeping my fingers crossed. A few of my friends have gotten jobs but a lot of us are just sitting on our hands right now haha. Patience young grasshopper (to myself)!

  2. Hang in there girl, you will find that job and when you do all the waiting and working for it will be worth it! Just keep positive thoughts radiating through your days!

    • Thanks lady. I am trying to be as positive as possible. It’s tough working so hard for so long for something and it totally doesn’t go as planned. But that is pretty much the definition of life right?!

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