What I Ate Wednesday!

Yay for being back to regular programing!!

Another lazy morning in my world right now.

Breakfast: Cereal and Coffee (I swear my breakfasts have been more exciting every other day)

Everyone needs a little Life in their life.

Everyone needs a little Life in their life.

Lunch: Sausage and Veggie Scramble; Casey and his dad made chicken sausages with peppers and onions for lunch Monday so I used the left overs and added some spinach and egg whites for this filling, nutritious lunch!  It was the perfect fuel before my short run (in some serious heat) and 45 minute Nike Training Club Work out this afternoon.


Dinner: Charcuterrie and Wine; It was my friend Nicole’s birthday, so we went out with her and her boyfriend for some wine and cheese at Bin 152.  I hadn’t eaten much all day and Steve and Casey were really hungry so they ordered a little bit of everything.  It was delicious!!

IMG_1472IMG_1474All in all, it was a pretty delicious day.  Hoping for a slightly less steamy one tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday!

  1. I love cereal and almond milk :). I don’t have very exciting breakfasts either… or meals in general. It was definitely warm out yesterday, looks like the humidity is here to stay too.

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