First Beach Day!

I spent nearly the entire day at the beach today and it was glorious!

IMG_1453IMG_1454I read my book, hung out with my friend Cassie and her husband for a while and went for my first beach run of the season.  That was the only part that was crappy.  It felt so good to run in the sand again.  This time of year always makes me miss the beach patrol but getting to run on the beach makes me feel not so far from it.  However, they are dredging the beach on folly right now and there are huge rocks and lots of shells right at the shoreline making running challenging, and actually painful.  I ended up going 5 miles and have the cuts and blisters on the bottoms of my feet to show for it.  Proof of my true hard headed nature!

When I got home, Casey and I headed to a new restaurant down town called Chez Nous for our “three year anniversary” dinner.  We don’t really have a date, more like sometime around memorial day weekend, hence the quotes.  His parents had given me a gift card to this restaurant for graduation so we got to enjoy a fabulous meal and not feel so bad about it.  The food was exquisite.  Though it was a limited menu, everything we ordered was to die for.  It was kind of darn and quaint inside so I didn’t attempt to take pictures, though now I wish I had.  The service was awesome and the food was wonderful.  My other Charlestonians, I highly recommend it!

IMG_1456Hope you are having a great start to your Memorial Day Weekend!!  Off to a wedding for us tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “First Beach Day!

  1. Sounds like a great anniversary weekend, I’ve never heard of Chez Nous but maybe we’ll look into it for the next special occasion. I have only run at Folly a few times, normally if I do a beach run it’s IOP. Have a good Memorial Day weekend!

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