Finally Human

After being laid up for the past three days I was so relieved to wake up a real human again today.  I still have a little residual sneeze/cough and stuffy nose but I could actually function in society today.  Tuesday was the worst, I was maybe awake a total of 2 hours; I couldn’t even read because my eyes hurt so bad.  It was THE WORST!!

The extent of my last few days (except Tuesday when even this was too much).

The extent of my last few days (except Tuesday when even this was more than I could handle).

I finished Labor Day yesterday and am anxious to watch the movie.  It was a really good book, though a bit odd.  You just have to leave your judgements at the cover because this is quite a strange family and an equally bizarre story.  It was quite good though and I flew through it.  I have another book by her on my list called After Her.  Hoping to be equally pleased.


With days of doing nothing behind me, I was rip raring to work out today (and really just get outside).  However, I had squandered the beautiful spring days that were Monday-Wednesday and came back to life just in time for 95 degrees, no breeze and like 99% humidity.  YAY SUMMER!  I got in a little less than four miles (I figured I should still take it easy after being so ill) and I was sweating like a pig when I was done.  Before my run, I got in a little yoga flow too because I was getting impatient for it to (sort of) cool off.  It was actually a really challenging video (at least for me) and had me sweating a good bit.

I made the executive, in my thoughts smart, decision to restart my six week goals next week.  After missing two days this week, the last thing I need to do coming back from illness is over load the next few days trying to make up missed miles and push ups.  What is life without changing, and re-changing plans.

Hope you have had a good few days!!  Finally feeling up for the beach tomorrow, can not wait!!

12 thoughts on “Finally Human

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better and not trying to push through pushups and miles. It’s a really big transition in life, plus you just finished the marathon a month ago and you were sick, so it’s good to give yourself grace and just chill for a bit too :). Definitely get recovered from being sick, glad you are finally back to the land of the living! Unfortunately I am resting a bum foot :(.

      • I think it’s a strained peroneal tendon. I didn’t actually go to the doc since I was leaving town a few days later and would want to see a real doc and not a doc-in-a-box. It’s feeling better now but I’m taking 2-3 weeks off for it to heal. I just don’t want to take any chances and I’m cross training a lot instead.

  2. Great workouts and happy you’re feeling much better and more like yourself!! That’s good to hear!! Hope you keep feeling better and better and that you get a great run in very soon (that is not all sweaty)!!!

    • The yoga is pretty good. Way harder than I was anticipating!! And the book is good too, plus Kate Winslet is the lead in the movie and I always love her.

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