First Day of Real Freedom

Today was scary and satisfying all at the same time, at least it started that way.  It was so strange/horrifying to have a Monday without having to do anything and not because I was on break from school.

I had made a list of all the things I need to get done this week so make sure I can start working (and getting a pay check) asap!  I got up, made Casey and I breakfast and sent him on his way.  I read a chapter of my book lounging on the couch and started checking things off my list.  About two items down, I started to really feel terrible.  I had a terrible sore throat all day yesterday and it seemed to have unfortunately called its friends bad headache, achyness and congestion to come play.

I decided to try to mental muscle it out.  “I don’t feel sick, I’m fine, get out of the chair.”  It worked for a little bit and I was even able to ride my bike to run to the grocery store.  I figured if I could do that, I could get a run in, right?  I have always been told that if the sickness is above the neck you can still run, and have often found it will actually make me feel better.  Not the case this time.  Since my run, I barely dragged myself into the shower and under a blanket on the couch. Thank goodness Casey

In the words of my mother though, if I have to be sick, this is a good time for it.  Not exactly what I was hoping for on this first day of liberation but maybe tomorrow will be better

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