Workout Recap

Well, I did it!!  I’m a graduate and a Doctor of Physical Therapy!  But more on that later.

Casey was doing a favor for a friend and then we ended up having dinner afterward so we got back way later than I had expected.  I had been planning a big graduation recap but a) I don’t have the pictures from my mom yet and b) I’m sleepy!

I got a little behind on my 6 week goals this week as I knew I would with all the graduation craziness.  I will just have to make up for it in the next few weeks.

Weekly Recap:

Running: 27.07 miles

Stretching/Yoga: 25 minutes

Strength: 180 push ups

Lame fitness week, but with the major life events happening I will give myself a pass!  Graduation recap to come!

One thought on “Workout Recap

  1. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I KNOW I own you an update on my school, but to be honest I am so back and forth (literally on a day to day basis!) if I want to continue with school. I have another year of pre-reqs and then I’d HOPEFULLY get into a DPT program in my area…I’m so torn on whether it’s the right thing for me to be doing. My biggest concerns are a) what if I do all this and then don’t get into a school?!?! and b) paying for school! Long story short, we really want to buy a house and obviously that would be A LOT easier if I have a job and we’re not paying for school. UGH! So frustrating, but there’s my quick update because I keep procrastinating writing to you because I am so unsure of what I’m going to do!

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