I swear that these bulleted list, life update posts will end when my life becomes normal again.  But here’s be meat and bones of what you’ve missed.

1.  My computer was dead for the past few days, hence the absence again!

2. Boards are over, done, sayonara sucker!

Lunch after boards, worth every calorie.  The Porter was amazing!

Lunch after boards, worth every calorie. The Porter was amazing!

The rest of that afternoon!

The rest of that afternoon!

3. I got a job!!  Its part time but its something to get started.  I got the offer call while I was in boards so Wednesday was a pretty awesome day!

4.  I am home.  It is so amazing to be back.  I came straight home and got new sneakers (after putting over 800 miles on my old ones (whoops).  I ended up with Brooks Pure Cadence.  I want to move to a more light weight shoe but unfortunately running far limits how light weight you can reasonably get so this was what we decided on.  When I got back, I took my sweet Scarlett for a run and it was like I was never gone.  So far so good, in the new shoes too!  (Though my hip pain was back with a vengeance last night)

IMG_13545.  As soon as we get moving, we are leaving for Florida!  This is what my room looks like but oh well, I’ll deal with it when we get back.  C’est la vie.

IMG_1355I think those are the major high lights!

Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday morning.  See you in Florida!!

2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. I like the new shoes- I have wanted to try those and haven’t yet. I had the first Pure Flows and liked them though. That’s so awesome that you managed to put that many miles on a pair of shoes… somehow my feet grew when I ran a marathon so I had to get rid of a lot of shoes and go up a half size, weirdness. Otherwise I bet my Mizuno’s would’ve been good for over 500 or so! Have a good time in Fla!

  2. I struggle buying new shoes, I can’t seem to find that perfect fit. I bought a new pair two days ago…and ran my half in them today. TOTAL ROOKIE MOVE I KNOW..but owell. I def have a few blisters.

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