Boston: Day One

We don’t have wi-fi in our room (unless we want to pay $15 for it) so I am hanging out in the hotel lobby to give a quick update.
Yesterday we made it to Boston around 11:30, took a shuttle to our hotel to drop our stuff of and headed right out to the Red Sox game. We are so lucky to have the T (Boston Transit) right near our hotel so we walked over and a really fantastic man helped us figure out what passes to buy, told us where to go eat, where to not go, things we should do, etc. And he had a thick Boston accent which was fun.

Subway Station All Decked Out!

Subway Station All Decked Out!


The game was awesome but I totally sabotaged any good eating eating before a race rules. Oh well, we are experiencing Boston and it was completely worth it. I think I had the best hot dog of my life there (and I don’t even like hot dogs).






After the game we wandered around trying to find the T for a while before finally getting on and heading to the North Side for some dinner. It was gorgeous up there and we ate in this cute little Italian restaurant (which is all that is up there) and then bought 8x more desserts at this bakery than we could ever dream of eating before heading back to the hotel room to make our stomachs hurt. The desserts were amazing but they were so decadent we could only have a few bites of each thing before giving up. Left overs for tonight and the trip home I guess!




So now we are off to find some breakfast and head to the expo then wander around and see what we can find to do today! I can’t believe at this time tomorrow I will be in Hopkington waiting to start!

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