What to say

Before I could think about how to approach this post, I had to go back and read my post about Boston from a year ago today.  Reading that post helped remind me the exact feeling I had immediately after hearing it and the gravity of what happened to Boston.

I have spent the past year thinking about this race and what it means and I still can’t quite find the words that express what this means to me, and to the world.  This is a dream I have had since my first race, but in this past year I have spent endless time and energy to have the opportunity to qualify and then to be at my best on race day.  I have to run my best, to honor all of those that have run before me, all those that will run after me, and all the heros that sprung to action after the events of last year.

From the Boston Marathon Facebook page

From the Boston Marathon Facebook page

I am ready to be a small voice in the monstrous scream that runners are going to give the world next Monday.  I am ready to join the force to say, “We are runners, you can’t stop us, we are Boston Strong.”

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