You’ve Seen More Than You Think

Today a patient asked me when I was heading back to Carolina.  I told him 19 days, not that I’m counting or anything.  He then asked me if I have enjoyed my time in Atlanta.  I told him I haven’t really had time to do anything; thats the nature of the last clinic with boards and training for a marathon.  I told him I wish I was here at a time I could have enjoyed it more.

On my run today, on my regular Atlanta 5 mile loop I thought back on this conversation realized how wrong I was and how training for the marathon gave me the best opportunity to really take in Atlanta.  I’ve seen it in slow motion on my own two feet.  I’ve been through the quaint but growing town of Decatur, past the most amazing smelling Radial Cafe, through Piedmont park and Dogwood Festival.  I’ve been down Ponce de Leon, along the stone mountain trail and down to Centennial Olympic Park.  I’ve seen Atlanta, and I have grown to love the down hill that marks 2 miles on my 5 mile loop, to dread the hill at 4.5, to savor the delicious infused water from the restaurant at Piedmont Park.

So next time I see that patient, I’m going to tell him all this.  I’m going to tell him that the best way I have ever known to discover a new place and fall in love with it is to run it, to know it, to feel it!


15 thoughts on “You’ve Seen More Than You Think

  1. I wish you’d be here longer for some time to enjoy meeting up! How fun! I can’t wait to hear about Boston and also, I really want to try that yoga video you posted yesterday! I love living in Atlanta! Driving up the the glass buildings on 400 as you go into Buckhead or heading into the city on 75/85 when I’m coming north is just the best! I remember coming home from Iraq and coming up and seeing all the buildings again! Have you been to Boston before?

  2. I completely agree! That’s why I love running while on vacation – it gives you the best view of the place you are in.

  3. I definitely think running is the best way to see a new place and explore a city. But sometimes, I think with “training” vs “running”, we take it for granted. I know I’ve done this, but sometimes I like to run really easy and just enjoy it. A few weeks ago, a friend and I walked the bridge, my first time ever walking it instead of running, and it was so much fun to slow down and really enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Charleston. It stinks you haven’t been able ot explore a lot of indoor stuff in ATL, but with running, you have seen lots of parts of it. I mean it’s hard not to cover a lot of ground in a 16-20 mile run 🙂

  4. I love seeing cities by running, or like I did in DC last weekend biking! Some cities really are best explored on foot and like you said you see more than you realize!

    • Thanks Brittany!! I love running in a new place but I love when that new place becomes familiar too. Its weird that I am actually going to miss running here, especially since the first week I was here I thought I would rather kill myself than hit these hills again, haha.

  5. I don’t run, but I definitely love exploring via foot! That certainly is the best way to discover a new place! I walked around Istanbul for 3 days straight, and the coolest thing is that I could probably give people directions -IF I COULD SPEAK TURKISH! lol!

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