Trying to be Smart and other tidbits

Today’s training assignment was 8xhills with 3 downhill. I have grown to not despise these work outs as much and was actually looking forward to this last hill work out before Boston(well, last official, every day running in Atlanta is a hill work out). However, I had a discussion with myself during the warm up about the fact that my hip flexor is still nagging me a little bit. On one shoulder sat: “If you just do this last one really hard you will feel so good and be so ready for this race,” on my other shoulder sat: “This run is not going to make one shred of difference in how you run in Boston, unless you push it too hard and really make your hip flexor mad, then it will make a huge difference and not in the I-am-going-to-nail-this-race kind of way.” So I decided to opt for Hill Pickups rather than Hill Intervals. I still pushed them hard, but I didn’t make the goal to see how fast I could possibly do it without landing on my tail like I usually do.

Now to catch up:

1.  After being forced to drink water infused with strawberries and blueberries during my long run Saturday (rough life right) I decided that I needed an infuser pitcher to help me hydrate the next two weeks. It has been amazing and I have definitely increased my water intake (and my frequency of potty breaks).


2.  My dad and step mom gave Casey and I their time share for one week for graduation so we will be heading to Florida for a week as soon as I get out of this god-forsaken (to be explained later) place called Atlanta.  We have no solid plans about what we will do when we get there but hanging out together and relaxing will be a must and maybe a day or 2 at Disney since Casey has NEVER BEEN!!

VFMLID=57948473vaca1You will find me in that lazy river most of the week!  It is going to be the perfect decompression after the insanity that is the next three weeks.

3.  I am dealing with absolute stupidity right now!  I was not going to share this on here because its just not that fun of news but it got so ridiculous I had to at least share a little.  I bumped someones bumper in traffic about a month ago and VERY long story short I found out from my insurance company today the other party submitted a two day hospital stay claim.  These were the cars post “accident”:

IMG_1048 IMG_1050

That’s right peeps, not even a scratch.  After the rigamarole these people have put me through I am glad to find out they have taken it to such an extreme because now I don’t have to be worried at all.  I have a police report, an annoyed police officer and these photographs (thank you mom for telling me to take them) to back me up.  It is a stress in my life that I don’t need at all right now, but I have a feeling it is really going to work out in my favor.  So I hope you can laugh along with me at how ridiculously out of control this has gotten and how comical it is at this point.

So thats an update on me!  Hope you have had slightly less drama in your lives!!


3 thoughts on “Trying to be Smart and other tidbits

  1. That jug is really cool. I’ve never thought of infusing water like that but if it helps you drink up, that’s a great thing! So sorry about that wreck drama. Who needs to go to the hospital after THAT? People are crazy and just out to get what they can. Honestly, I suspect something is up for the hospital to admit them and keep them for 2 days?

    Maybe the hip flexor issue is partly due to the hills in ATL? Running on non-flat surfaces is definitely a big change from Charleston.

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