Successful Yassos!

So crunch time is by no means fun but it is going.  I have been solid getting work in but I can’t help but feelings like time is slipping away and I can’t jam all the stuff I need to know for this exam in my head!  At this point the people at Starbucks all know me by name and are super friendly which I 100% appreciate; plus they only charge me the refill brewed coffee price which is awesome.  Fifty cents for 2 hours of solid study time and avoidance of Atlanta traffic = double score!

I had my hardest round of Yasso 800’s tonight and was able to do all 8 under a 6:55 pace which is supposed to mean that I will be able to PR in my race.  During reps 4 and 5 I had some horrible side cramps (first on the left, then the right) because it is now 80 degrees when I am running and I am not hydrating effectively yet.  I’ll tell you though, you only have to get those side cramps a few times before you start guzzling water all day long!

On another note, it seems that my friends all know I am slowly going crazy and they are taking turns reminding me that the end is near and that I have amazing support from all angles!

At dinner Saturday, Lindsey and Jenna gave me this beautiful bracelet which I love.  I never ever want to buy things like this but once I have them, I wear them all the time.  I love it and love looking down and thinking of them both every day, getting me one day closer to Charleston.


Then today in the mail I got an absolutely touching card from my friend Megan from home with two Alex and Ani bracelets that have immense meaning in our lives.  One is living water which is so appropriate because we met on the beach patrol and will forever have the ocean calling us home (as cliche as that sounds).  The other one is called “because I love you friend.”  She also wrote an amazing message to me that put some major kick in my pants to live up to the person my friends think I am!


Time to get to bed so I can do it all over again tomorrow!!

5 thoughts on “Successful Yassos!

  1. I love that bracelet! I’ve been wearing them a lot more lately and found one at Urban Outfitters for $16. I loved it but convinced myself not to get it and now I’m going to have to go back for it!

  2. I like the new bracelets! Hooray for friends who send you mail and for nice people at Starbucks who charge you less for coffee (do not blame you to avoid the ATL traffic either).

    Glad your 800s went well (what is the difference between Yasso 800s and just 800s?).

    • So the idea with Yasso’s is that if I want to run a marathon in 3:30 (or hopefully less 🙂 ) I have to complete each of my half mile repeats in 3 minutes and 30 seconds or less. They say that if you can do 8 fairly comfortably (or as comfortably as you can do half mile repeats) then you should be able to hit your goal marathon pace!! It worked for my last race so to qualify so I’m a believer!

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