Atlanta Marathon Volunteering and Workout Summary

Last night Allyson and I stayed up pretty late making signs to have for the runners in the morning.  At 12:30 we finally threw in the towel, with less than 5 hours to sleep.  Womp womp.

My signs

My signs

Allyson's signs

Allyson’s signs

The 5:20 alarm came quick and we reluctantly drug ourselves out of bed to head to Starbucks to meet the rest of our Zone 6 team.  We each indulged in a large delicious beverage (mine a skinny cinnamon dolce latte) as a treat for being up so early.  After meeting with our team, we parked my car where we were going to have brunch and walked to our stations.  Allyson was next to me but down the road far enough that I couldn’t see her.

Once I got to my post I had some down time so I whipped out my Runner’s World magazine and read a few articles.  Before I knew it the leaders were coming through.

Lead males (at 42:00 somewhere between miles 7 and 8; killing it)

Lead males (at 42:00 somewhere between miles 7 and 8; killing it)

Lead female, she was almost too fast for me to get in a picture

Lead female, she was almost too fast for me to get in a picture

After them came all the fun people.  The people that smiled, laughed, thanked me, joked with me, sang to me and even showed me their already evident pee stains (thanks to my sign).  I had such an amazing time doing this.  If you have never volunteered for a race, I highly recommend it, especially if you run marathons yourself.  I have been in a place where I am hurting or just over it and had a sign (or person) put a smile on my face enough to make me forget whatever negative feelings I was having, even if it was only for 10 seconds.  It made my day to bring that kind of moment of relief to any of the runners today.  It was such an amazing opportunity that I will definitely be doing again!

After the last runners came through, I met back up with Allyson and we went back to Folk Art where Casey and I had brunch last weekend.  We got the same pork dish from last week and the banana peanut butter pancakes to share.  It was amazing, just like last week.  The pancakes were incredible, even just the pancake itself without the toppings was one of the best pancakes I have ever had.

Pork and Egg breakfast

Pork and Egg breakfast

Peanut Butter Banana Pancakes

Peanut Butter Banana Pancakes


After breakfast we headed to the movies to see Divergent.  The movie theater seats were amazing; they were actual recliners.  I was so tired I was afraid this was going to spell me taking a nap and completely missing the movie.  Luckily, I stayed awake and the movie was really good but by the time we got out I actually felt sick from lack of sleep.  I also think I was still pretty dehydrated from my run the day before.  My face was beat red, my stomach hurt and I felt so light headed.  I had planned to go to Lululemon to scout out some shorts for Boston after the movie but I just didn’t have it in me.  As soon as I got home I drank two huge glasses of water and took a 2 hour nap and felt like a whole new human.  I even felt good enough to get a light and easy 5 mile run in.

After a wonderful weekend, I am ready to tackle this week and get my butt in the car to head to Charleston Friday!

Weekly Workout Summary

Running: 54.4 miles

Yoga: 28 minutes

Strength: 223 push ups, reverse crunches and squats

Pretty successful week!  Need to get the yoga up the closer I get to the race but I can’t complain about that summary at all!

10 thoughts on “Atlanta Marathon Volunteering and Workout Summary

  1. Looks like you had fun volunteering at the race, it’s cool you got to see everyone from the leaders to the people who smile and wave, hehe. Great that you did the signs too. Those pancakes look absolutely amazing and if I ever go to ATL, I’m definitely going to that restaurant for em.

    • You have to, it’s incredible. And as much as I complain about wanting to go back to Charleston, Atlanta is a pretty cool place. If I was just coming for a weekend I think I would love it. 39 days to Charleston permanently. Also, are you running long this Saturday? I am going to be in town and have a 2 hour 3:1 run to do.

      • I’m planning on running long on Sunday with OnShore, we start at 9 AM at Hampton Park if you wanna join! My long run isn’t usually 2 hours anymore but I’m sure I could run that long. I did 12 this past Saturday and it felt good.

  2. I am definitely going to try that place for breakfast! I just googled it and it’s not far from where my friends all live so it’d be perfect to go to! It looks awesome!!! And I LOVE breakfast places! It’s my favorite meal to go out to eat for. I really want to volunteer now for a run! How did you register to do that? Do you just do it on the website where you register to run it?

    • I actually ran the race last year and I got an email asking me to either register to run the race or volunteer so I just picked the volunteer option but I am sure if you went to the race website they would have a volunteer part.

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