First 20 Miler in the Books

After an 8 mile run Thursday with some serious lead legs, a typical 5 mile easy loop with the push up challenge after (83 push ups, squats and reverse crunches) I had no idea how this 20 miler would go.  It was warm compared to how it has been, around 73 feels like 78.

I also finally broke down and got a new hand held water bottle.  I got mine before my first marathon in 2009 and the zipper finally broke a few weeks back.  We had logged quite a few miles together but it was time to move on.  I hit the local running store in Decatur call the Big Peach yesterday and picked up this new one.  Mine is actually the pink and purple one but I couldn’t find the picture on Amazon.

Nathan 20-ounch Quick Draw Hand Held Insulated Water Bottle (thats not a mouthful or anything); Photo from Amazon

Nathan 20-ounch Quick Draw Hand Held Insulated Water Bottle (thats not a mouthful or anything); Photo from Amazon

I can tell the company has really been working to make this better since I got mine.  There is a larger pocket that actually fits my iphone with out me squeezing it in there (hence the broken zipper) and I can fit all my gels as well.  This model also has a thumb hole that helps with grip as well as the draw string to make it tighter so I don’t have to squeeze the crap out of it the whole time I am running.  My fingers would actually be a little stiff when I was done a really long run with the old one.  If you are in the market for a new hand held bottle, I would highly recommend this bottle.  It is so well designed!!

My run went beautifully.  I don’t think I have ever had that good of a 20 mile run.  I spent some time last night doing some hip opening yoga and did my yoga for runners on youtube routine that I love before heading out.  I don’t know if it made that big of a difference but that is certainly going to be part of the routine from now one.

The run was split into good thirds that helped me mentally stay tuned in.  The first 7 miles went from my house, down through Decatur and back up the Stone Mountain Trail.  The next 6 miles, I bumped off the Stone Mountain Trail to catch the Beltline to Piedmont Park and ran around there.  There were so many people on this part of the run, there almost needed to be traffic signals, haha.  It kept me so motivated to see so many people out being active.  By the time I picked the Stone Mountain Trail back up I had 7 miles to go into downtown Atlanta and then back to my house.  Having different chunks to tackle really helped keep me going the whole time.

20 miler

I am so happy to have that run go so well, it is so motivating, especially with Boston one month from yesterday!

Tonight my friend Allyson is coming over to hang out because we are volunteering for the Publix Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon tomorrow.  I ran this race last year and had a great time.  I have never volunteered for a race before because I am usually running so I am excited to finally pay it back to the running community.  And I am even more excited that Allyson is coming with me.

We are making quite a day of it actually.  Tonight we are going to hang out and have an old school sleep over and make race signs because we are stationed right by my house and she lives on the other side of Atlanta.  We are done at our posts around 9:30 (we are at miles 8-9), so we are going to go back to Folk Art where Casey and I went last week for brunch.  I have to have the peanut butter banana french toast/pancakes/waffles (I haven’t decided yet).  Then we are going to go see Divergent and maybe go to Lulu and see if they have any shorts that want me to wear them to run Boston!

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend and that your long run goes/went as well as mine did today!!

13 thoughts on “First 20 Miler in the Books

  1. It’s so cool seeing Atlanta all over your maps! 20 miles is crazy. I wish I could run that far! Is that a regular sized water bottle? I have been wondering how people drink when they run because in the summer here, I get SO thirsty when I run! I wish they had ones to wear on your arm like the ones for your phone. Maybe I’ll look for one of these! I live right near a Big Peach so I’m sure it’s at that one too! I just worry my arm will get all tired with a water bottle!

    • Oh my goodness, we must live really close to each other because I am less than 2 miles from Big Peach.
      The water bottle is really awesome and I thought it would bother me to carry it too but it doesn’t at all. And my skin was much too sensitive to wear the fuel belt so this works out much better for me. Plus big peach had all of their long sleeve stuff 50% off so I got the hills, heat and humidity shirt for $15. I felt like I have earned the right to wear it at this point, haha!

      • There are more Big Peaches! Big Peach is everywhere here! I live in Dunwoody, JUST outside of the perimeter (north, if you don’t know where- between 400 and 85)! I’m really curious to try the water bottle now! I thought the same thing about wearing the belt. I get really irritated wearing stuff when I run. I can’t even run in anything but spandex because it irritates me so much to have ANYTHING on.

  2. My long run went pretty well. It was 12 miles. I went over the bridge twice plus some around Patriot’s point. So, not really a fun map for it. Of course my splits were everywhere since the bridge was in there! But it was a good long run and my first time running 12 in awhile so I was very happy with it.

    Have fun volunteering at the race today, I know 3 people running it too. That’s a cool way to spend a Sunday and always super motivating to see runners cross a finish line, it makes me excited about my training too.

  3. So I’ve been reading your posts on my phone and been terrible about getting around to comment on stuff recently! It sounds like your Boston training is going great and I can’t wait to follow along on race day!

    • No worries! You have to shoot me an email with your latest PT updates as well.
      Boston training is going well but doing this and preparing for boards was one of the more (most) stressful decisions I have ever made. Oh well, I’m surviving and 5 weeks from now it will all be over (I am going to feel so lost in life, haha).

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