Getting Close

Boston is less than 5 weeks away.  I can hardly believe that is really my life happening!!

Yesterday I got my official starting corral and wave which was just the kick in the pants I needed to bust my rear on my intervals today.

Boston Stuff

I am in wave 2 which goes off at 10:25.  I had no idea where to expect to start so I am glad to be so far up, especially if it is a hot day which is very possible on April 21st (or it could be snowing at the rate we are going this year).  The last corral goes off at 11:25 which is the heat of the day (how much difference will one hour really make, probably not much, but I am excited about it anyway).

I always get so worked up about my Tuesday speed work outs.  Starting on Monday I start getting anxious about it and every time when I am doing it/almost done I think to myself, “that is really not that bad, why do you worry about this for two days!”  Sometimes I am just a nut case I think.


The even numbered splits were my reps.  I had 7×800 and I do them Yasso style.  My goal is a sub 3:30 marathon so my split should be sub 3:30 each time.  I was able to stay under this for all my reps and really tried to cut some time off the last one.  I only have two more work outs of 800 reps (8×800 and 4×800 the week before the race).  Once I get to 8×800 I start my cutting back.  I can’t believe I am actually this close to the real deal, big kahuna, Boston Marathon!!