This is What Life Is All About

We had the most amazing (and too short of course) weekend here in Atlanta.  Casey and Scar got in late Friday night so we didn’t do much other than have some dinner and hang out for a bit.

Saturday morning, while laying in bed I decided that I was not going to spend 2 of my Casey and Scar filled hours not with them so I could go run.  I was going to just let this long run go this weekend and no one was changing my mind about it.  Once we got up and had some breakfast we headed out for a long hike in the beautiful weather.


She wanted to jump in so bad!

She wanted to jump in so bad!



Cool old mill along the water

Cool old mill along the water

By the end we were all pooped but it was so much fun and there it was not just a stroll on a path kind of hike.  There was some definite climbing going on.  I was unsure how Scarlett was going to do with some of the places we ended up but she just skittered right along making Case and I look slow.

One happy pup!

One happy pup!

After getting home, we showered up and headed for a well earned dinner.  We went to a place in Decatur called Leon’s Full Service and I had what was probably the top 10 greatest meals I have ever eaten.

Short ribs with whipped parsnips (and some other stuff)

Short ribs with whipped parsnips (and some other stuff)

Casey had this huge pork chop with something that resembled couscous but wasn’t quite the same which was also good (but I think I won the ordering prize this time).  After dinner we took a stroll around the downtown area of Decatur.  It had the cutest square and so many restaurants; the area was bustling with people.  We were trying to find some dessert somewhere but ended up just walking around before going and getting a red box movie (Captain Phillips, that movie stressed me out but was very good) and coming back to the house to relax for the night.

Today we lazed around all morning with the terrible weather before going to get brunch at Folk Art which was maybe one of the best brunches I have ever had.  Charleston better watch out, Atlanta is on it’s culinary heels in my book.  We got two different things and shared: chicken biscuit with sausage gravy and over easy egg and this Roasted Pork and Chili Verde thing.

Chicken Biscuit

Chicken Biscuit

After Casey demolished his half

After Casey demolished his half of the Roasted Pork thing

Unfortunately after breakfast we came back to the house, saw a few friends of his and it was already time for them to get on the road.  Every time we have to leave I think it is going to be easier and it just isn’t.  But I guess thats a good thing, if it wasn’t miserable I guess it wouldn’t mean I didn’t love them so much.

After they pulled away I decided I would get my long run in that I had planned to skip after all.  I was so bummed out a run would be the perfect thing and it was just barely misting (actually wonderful long run weather).  I had a 1:50 minute 3:1 run so the last 27:30 I was aiming to do a 7:55 pace.  I ended up pacing that part at 7:37 and running a total of 13.15 and felt really good at the end.  More importantly, I felt a lot better mentally.

Weekly Workout Summary

Running: 37.02 miles

Strength: Push Up Challenge x 3 days (with added squats and abs)

Yoga: Big Fat 0…whoops

5 thoughts on “This is What Life Is All About

  1. I went to Leon’s the day I got married! Also, that looks like Sweetwater Creek! I love hiking there. If you get a chance, you should go to the Iberian Pig! It’s right around the corner from Leon’s and is SO GOOD! It’s tapas but they’re really big! The bacon wrapped dates and pork cheek tacos are amazing! I went there with Jon and it was like, $140 total (with drinks and WAY TOO MUCH food) but it wouldn’t be that expensive to go and have a few tapas. And it really is awesome.

    • We loved Sweet water creek and Saturday was so gorgeous and perfect for it.
      We were deciding between Iberian Pig and Leon’s. I couldn’t have been happier with my food but I will definitely have to go back to go to Iberian.
      You have to check out Folk Art too for brunch (maybe we could meet there for brunch one day). I am literally obsessed!

      • I’ve never even heard of it! Is it in Decatur too? I would definitely meet you for brunch one day! And if you go to the Iberian Pig, I would join you for that too, haha. Any reason to eat bacon wrapped dates and I’m there!

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