Saturday Down Time

After two weekends back to back spending >10 hours in the car it is so nice to have NOTHING to do this weekend except run and study.  I needed this day for my sanity and I fully expect tomorrow to be the same.  I don’t know if I have spoken more than 100 words today which is oddly refreshing, especially when I have to talk all day at my job.

I woke up this morning and made probably my favorite bowl of oatmeal I have ever made.DSC_0105

I made the regular base of oats with almond milk.  Just when the milk boiled and I added the oats I also added sliced strawberries so they had time to soften up and flavor the whole concoction.  Then I added Cascadian Farms Dark Chocolate Almond Granola.  Yep, chocolate covered strawberries and almonds for breakfast for this girl!  Amazing.

After devouring that, I decided to get my studying done first thing.  I have made a pretty good plan recently that is helping me feel less like my study time is excruciating.  The plan is to take a stroll to the coffee shop that is close to my house after my run tomorrow since it is supposed to be so nice and sit on their patio and work.

Least good part of my day

Least good part of my day


After finishing up with that I headed out for my run.  I had an 8 mile pace run on the docket today.  I always am hesitant to hang out right at my pace because I hate getting behind (OCD much) and I always end up quite a bit ahead at the end.  Goal pace is 7:55, I did 7:41.  Whoops.  And it was stinking hot.  Or maybe not hot but 30 degrees warmer than it has been so that was a big jump for my body.  Should be really interesting for my 18 tomorrow.

The rest of the day held a quick trip to the grocery store to get a few things that were on sale, reading (and yes that is the January issue of Runner’s World, I am a bit behind), and watching House of Cards which is blowing my mind!


I also got a lovely package from my dear momma who knew how tough my first two weeks in Atlanta have been.  It put the hugest smile on my face 1) because I love getting mail, 2) because I love starburst jelly beans and 3)because it is just nice to know how much she loves and supports me every day.


Tomorrow should look about the same with a bit more time allocated to the running but the weather should be gorgeous so how lucky am I!

Hope you had a great Saturday!

13 thoughts on “Saturday Down Time

  1. I’m in snowy Wisconsin and in the freezing cold, and Jon went golfing yesterday in Atlanta and said it’s so warm out today! I wish I was there! Where have you been running there?

    • I honestly never know where I am. I just start running and hope to god I don’t get lost. Today I ended up going through Emory and Little Five Points and the Stone Mountain Trail and a few other places around those areas before making it back. Atlanta is such a confusing place to me. As soon as I figure it out I’ll be leaving im sure!

      • I know where Little Five is. I actually don’t have a clue where the Sheppard Center is, but I’m assuming somewhere down there! Have you gone to Piedmont Park to run? It’s nice, but you’d have to make a of loops around there. And right next to Piedmont Park is the Beltline, which is a paved trail that goes like, 10 miles out. It’s really cool though. There’s a lot of stuff along the way to look at so you’re not just bored. It’s fairly crowded on weekends but if you can go in the evenings or if you have days off, it’d be really nice! You just park on 10th street and it’s directly at the end of 10th street between some shops!

  2. Starburst Jelly Beans are the BEST. I love them. They’re even better than the jelly belly ones imho. I would totally go for reading Runner’s World and eating copious amounts of jellybeans. The oatmeal sounds delicious too, though.

    Great job on your pace run- you killed it! I wish I could hold those kinds of paces longer.

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