What I Ate Wednesday

For some reason now that I am in Atlanta I have it in my head that I can’t run in the cold.  All those 10 degree mornings in Philly and now a 35 degree wake up call will keep me in bed.  My real problem is knowing that if I just sleep in and wait to run in the afternoon it will be a wonderfully pleasant 60 degree run.  Makes sleeping in sound good all the way around.  I will be happy once I can get back in my morning routine of running to free up my nights but for now my butt will be sleeping in until we can at least get to the 50’s in the morning.  What a wimp two weeks back in the south has made me!


Breakfast was my typical cereal and coffee (no surprise there)


For lunch I made a big spinach salad with strawberries, goat cheese and blueberry craisins with raspberry vinaigrette dressing.  I also had some unsweetened apple sauce and my clementine.  This batch has been half good, half bad so I luckily ended up with a good and juicy one today!



The afternoon held a few snacks.  My clinical instructor and I were just dragging so I needed a few pick me ups.  The truffle probably didn’t help the situation much but I have become obsessed with this trail mix.  A guy at work got it at Target and it is seriously phenomenal.  I could eat it all day!


trail mix

We ended up getting done a little early today (and much earlier than the past two days) so I got to run in the beautiful, sunny 60 degree weather.  I had some serious lead legs after yesterday’s intervals but I couldn’t have cared less in the wonderful conditions.  When I got home I had to have a banana while I waited for my dinner to cook.

Sorry looking banana!

Sorry looking banana!


For dinner I had a southwest Frittata.  I didn’t have a spring form pan so I had to make a square fritatta but it was delicious.  I put it over black beans and it was fantastic.  I will post the recipe tomorrow as I made quite a few adaptations from my cook book version.


After hitting the books for a few hours studying for boards, I took a break to watch modern family and had some yogurt and granola, my go to dessert these days!  I swear all of my WIAW look the same.  What a boring person I am!


Happy Hump Day!

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