First Days (Last First Days)

Yesterday was my last first day as a student!  How insane, I can’t believe how close I am to achieving something I have been working literally my whole life for.  What an intense feeling.  And with Boston happening at the same time, my mom and I were saying I am going to have a huge let down once it is all over!  Guess I will have to take up some new ridiculous challenge in my life (after taking some time to just relax for a bit).

My official badge!

My official badge!


One thing completely living up to its hype here is the insane traffic.  Getting to work isn’t too bad because we are heading in before most other people but we get out around the same time and it is taking me 40-45 minutes to get home.  I am going to try to stay near work and study there from now on so I don’t have to waste time in the car that I could be getting things done, we will see how that works tomorrow I guess.

This morning I had hill intervals.  After all the complaining I had about the hills Sunday, it was nice to just step out the front door and have one at my disposal (or 5 to change it up while I went).  It was definitely much more difficult here than on the pathetic hill I was running in Philly but it is good to be able to ramp up my training now that the race is only EIGHT WEEKS FROM YESTERDAY!!  Holy moly!!

Hope you had a great Tuesday (and Monday)!

2 thoughts on “First Days (Last First Days)

  1. Haha traffic. People think I’m lying when I say traffic in Atlanta really sucks. I have been in traffic where it has taken 30 minutes to go ONE MILE! It makes me want to shoot somebody. Luckily, I live at the perimeter and work outside the city so the only time I get stuck in work traffic is if I work at 7pm, which I rarely do (but am on Monday night). And then I leave at 4pm so I can avoid the worst of it.

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