Worst Blogger Ever Award

…goes to me!  I have been god awful this week.  I have been so busy finishing up my last rotation, celebrating the end with my coworkers and getting all packed up to leave.  We had a happy hour with all the therapist on my floor Wednesday, then dinner with a patient’s wife who I have grown very close to, drove home to Delaware for the night after working Friday then got breakfast with the family before heading to Atlanta.

I am here now, I can not believe it!  What a whirl wind, I can’t believe I was in Philadelphia two days ago.  I was able to get my long run in here in Atlanta this morning and it was tough.  I was so not prepared for the hills, and with a jump of 50 degrees I think I got quite dehydrated and am still recovering from a pretty decent headache.  No matter how many times I make the mistake of un-hydrating I seem to have to re-learn this lesson every year when it starts to get warm.

Tomorrow will be my first day at the Shepherd Center, then 10 weeks until I am done with school.  Pretty unbelievable!

Weekly Workout Summary:

Miles: 40.55 (somehow through the craziness)

Strength: none (pathetic!)

Yoga: 9 minutes Yoga for Runners (again, pathetic!)

6 thoughts on “Worst Blogger Ever Award

  1. It’s not being a bad blogger… it’s called being good at enjoying life :). Glad you got your 40 miles in this week! Good luck with yoga and strength, I can be bad about those too sometimes.

  2. I live in Atlanta! How fun! I get excited when other bloggers are here! I tried to run in Florida last month and felt the same way about how hot it was!

      • I’m not that great at running but I’d be down for it! Trying to get back in the swing of things! And I like hiking Stone Mountain if you ever need something touristy! Where in Atlanta are you staying?

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