Monday Tidbits

I feel that today I am more filled with random thoughts than any cohesive story so that is how it will be delivered to you!

1. I have grown to absolutely despise this…


…and this…


…and absolutely can’t wait for this…


…I will probably just have to run around naked when I get there to celebrate!

2.  I am obsessed with Metropolitan Bakery granola that I got when I was with my family this weekend at Reading Terminal Market.


I have already eaten that much of it since Saturday, so naturally I had to stop by tonight to get more.


3.  Starbucks doubles my productivity, hands down, no questions asked.  And this yogurt I also got when I was at the bakery was life changing (as my friend Hannah promised it would be).


I got a blueberry too when I was there but I have heard the chocolate is heavenly, which they didn’t have!

4.  I have the cutest friend in the whole wide world that makes me feel special every day, because who doesn’t like to get good old fashioned mail, and hand made no less!



I want just 1/100 of her creativity and talent for these things!

5.  I tried to move my car into one of three empty spots closer to my house to make moving out easier Friday, only to find they were empty for a reason (they are impossible to get into with the snow mounds) and ended up back in my original spot.

6.  We are expecting 2-3 inches of snow over night, likely my last snow fall of the year; 10% bitter, 90% sweet!

7.  I love the olympics and am off now to continue watching them, bring on the snowboard cross!

Happy Monday!

5 thoughts on “Monday Tidbits

  1. Girrrlll you crayy for you putting your address online!! BLUR that out!! You’re too cute and someone will def want to stalk you. OK, I’m putting my mom pants away. The letter is adorable, and I AM NOT envious of that weather..omgah no.

    • OMG I AM AN IDIOT!! I am always so conscious of this and I was just so excited about her awesome envelop decoration that I didn’t use my brain! Thank you for your mom pants on!! Thank god I am moving in 3 days!

  2. Girly you soooo should blur your address out! I know people can find whatever they want to online these days but don’t make it easy ;). Wish I could put some of the nice weather today in the mail for ya though! Close to 70 degrees here. I hope you can stay warm for a little while longer up there, at least you are finding cool things like that granola (it looks really tasty).

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