Climbing Rocks and Being Realistic

This morning I woke up a little earlier than expected and was anxious to get my run out of the way so I could get to a fun filled day with my best friend Hannah.

The run was quite a disaster.  The ENTIRE trail was covered in ice, I would have been better off on ice skates.  The run for today was 1:30 with a 3:1 with the last 1/4 at marathon pace.  I was able to average 8:13 in the last 1/4 because I just ran in the street at the very end, so about 20 seconds off goal pace.  Being 3 weeks into this training cycle and still not really being able to run the way I want to I am arriving at the reality that this race is not likely to be a PR.  It is disappointing but when I texted Casey about my frustration earlier today he brought me back up by saying, “Running the Boston marathon Al, who cares what your time is, not too many people can say that.”  Leave it to him to make me feel better in any situation.

After getting home and finally being able to get my car out I headed up to get breakfast with Hans.  We went to Green Eggs and it was so good!  We couldn’t decide if we wanted sweet or savory so we got one of each and shared!

Tiramisu French Toast

Tiramisu French Toast

The Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink


Left overs of the kitchen sink became dinner as well.

After stuffing ourselves, we went home to let our food settle and watch the most recent episode of Downton Abbey before heading to rock climbing!

Han's first climb

Han’s first climb

Hannah and her boyfriend

Hannah and her boyfriend


I have a much, much, much greater respect for people that do this.  It is HARD!!  I love the mental challenge of it though combined with the physical.  We had a great time but my hands are killing me, should be fun putting alcohol sanitizer on them all day tomorrow.

Weekly Workout Summary

Running: 32.25 miles

Strength: Gabby Douglas Perfect Alignment (15 minutes); Rock Climbing (2 hours)

Yoga: Shawn Johnson’s Stretch (15 minutes) not quite yoga but what I needed for my body for sure

Hope you had a great weekend!  Ready to kick off my final week in Philly.  Although I’ll be bummed to leave, I am ready to get to the promise of 70 degree weather in Atlanta!