My Family comes to Philly

After the past two days being stuck on the treadmill the past two days due to the ridiculous amount of snow we have gotten I was happy for my rest day to finally arrive; now I can only pray there will be less slick sidewalks for my final long run in Philadelphia tomorrow.

My family arrived around 11:00 and after getting them all parked we set off to Reading Terminal Market.  It almost felt like a replay of when my friends came a few weeks ago.

On the way we stopped at a Walgreens to get my brother some medicine and I got a few things for the homeless man outside.  It was a miserable, cold, sleety day and it just broke my heart to see him out there.  I was so overcome with joy seeing the smile on his face when I handed him these small items.


Once we made it to the market, we got a few snacks to munch on while we strolled around, including the amazing donuts again.

Apple dumpling my brother and I shared

Dutch Apple dumpling my brother and I shared


I picked up a few veggies and some granola to help carry me through the rest of the week until having to leave.  I wanted to get so many things food wise but I wanted to be practical, the less I have left, the less I have to pack on Thursday.

After heading back to my house and stopping at a few shops along the way we picked up their car and headed back to Jim’s for some cheese steaks; boy am I going to miss those, however my pants certainly won’t.


It has been so wonderful being able to see my family so frequently while I have been here.  Granted it has only been twice since Christmas, it is much more than it usually would be if I was in Charleston.  Before this Christmas I hadn’t seen my one brother since the Christmas before!  I will be able to see them one more time next Friday night before heading to Atlanta next Friday which will be a great last visit even if it is a bit rushed.

Tomorrow holds a quite busy day starting with my long run and then a full day hanging out with Hannah getting breakfast and going rock climbing with her boyfriend for the afternoon.  I’m sure there will be some great stories to come along with that adventure!

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