Weekly Workout Roundup

I had the most amazing weekend with a little bit of Charleston in Philadelphia.  Tomorrow will be a full on post about our amazing adventures (and insane amounts of delicious foods) but I am exhausted so today is strictly round up only.

P.S. Too bad the superbowl was pretty terrible…womp womp!

This week was my first official Boston training week.  It went well for the most part but I am very much understanding what Hal Higdon meant when he states you have to work with the weather.  I had to move my hills work twice because the sidewalks were too slippery to try to run at any kind of increased pace safely.  Today we finally had clear sidewalks for my long run and it was amazing but we are supposed to have another storm bringing 4-8 inches tomorrow to just start the misery all over again.  I love snow just as much as the next guy but it is really interfering with my ability to accomplish anything on the road.  The hardest part is not even having a gym to run on the treadmill as a last resort!

Today for my long run for 1:20 with a 3:1 pace I ran over the Ben Franklin Bridge.  It was a pretty good run and really made me realize how big the city is viewing it from that far away.  It also made me appreciate how huge the Cooper River Bridge in Charleston is that I run all the time.  The incline was no where near as steep and I was able to get across it in well less than 15 minutes running at a slow pace.

Ben Franklin Bridge

Ben Franklin Bridge


The goal was to run somewhere around 9 minutes miles the first hour and 7:55s the last 20 minutes.  I ended up around 8:38 for the first hour and 7:48 for the last 20 minutes.  Not too shabby.  And because I had procrastinated all week I hit up a quick strength circuit and a 10 minute yoga for runners when I got home so I could get some of that in this week.

Workout Recap:

Running: 28.5 miles

Yoga: 10 minutes

Strength: 30x: push ups, squats with 10# dumbbell, crunches; 1:00 plank, 30 seconds each side plank

I got the yoga and strength in this week but I definitely need to work toward more quality sessions this week coming up!

Hope you had a great weekend and that some of you are Seahawks fans!